Flash: Utopia Comes To Our City

According to the door hanger being distributed by “Its Time”, the public relations arm of the Charter Commission, if the city adopts the proposed charter there will be “No more backroom deals.”  I like this, all our problems will be solved.

Who would not vote for this?





4 thoughts on “Flash: Utopia Comes To Our City”

  1. Sounds like the Cuomo Con-Con deal.
    NYS AFL-CIO has come out against the NYS Constitutional Convention.
    That is a big deal.
    Pay attention Earthlings.

    The only reason to change the “bible” is for those whom have transgressed beyond reason and are in need of protection that (of which) only a re-write can bring.

    Think about it.
    Take all the time you need.

    And back to our lonely, little pathetic orbit:
    Why would the charter commission; et alia; spend soooo much of their precious time on a re-write?
    Some suppose their billable time isn’t at all what it’s cranked up to be.
    Tenure has its benefits (lol).

    “Academic communists.” That’s what DEAR OLD DAD would say.
    So, we’re now channeling fathers of elections past?

    It’s a George Carlin moment.

    Lol. (“Laugh out loud;” for all you serious no-good-nicks.)
    “Tongue in cheek” for the wise guys in good company.

    This is fun.



  2. … and yet you don’t criticize Franck and Madigan’s completely unprofessional and divisive behavior. Your credibility is non existent.


  3. Ha ha.
    Instead of trying to bribe/influence four commissioners and one mayor, all ya gotta do is bribe/influence one Manager.
    But I guess some would call that less corruption. Not a backroom deal.
    I will vote NO on the proposed new charter. I hope you do too.

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