Reasserting Our Better Angels

The conflict over charter change has at times descended to some very bad places.  It is too easy, if humanly understandable, to slide into personal animosity or to view the issue of charter change as some kind of competition rather than a question of public policy.  I must admit, I have not been immune to all of this.  In the end, such reactions not only undermine thoughtful analysis but are downright unhealthy for one’s peace of mind.

Readers may disagree with me, but I think it is possible to characterize someone’s actions as for instance unethical without going into Manichean mode where one sees the person as “bad.”  None of us is without sin and we are capable of failures in judgment which doesn’t make us “evil.”

What I have found is that many of the people I chat with have taken on a tribal mentality.  Anything the other side says is not even listened to.

In the course of moderating this blog I have rejected a number of comments that were simply ad homonym.  I have no problem publishing criticisms, even sharp ones, as long as the tone is reasonably civil and the author offers documentation for their assertions.


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