More Hotels! It’s Going To Be Big!

23 Washington
23 Washington Street
Adelphi Hotel
Adelphi Hotel

According to the Albany Business Review the owners of the Adelphi Hotel who are close to completing what must be the most expensive restoration in the history of the city ($28,000,000.00) have even bigger plans.  They are seeking to build what the ABR describes as “a second hotel with a spa and ‘resort-style pool’ on the land along Washington Avenue which includes the old parsonage at 23 Washington along with what appears to be the parking lot (19 Washington?).



The developers, Toby Milde and Adelphi Hotel Partners LLC say they are going to invest $14 million dollars to build a six story,  50 room hotel there.

The parsonage would be converted into what they describe as a “three-room presidential or bridal suite with an entertainment parlor on the first floor.”  This would be connected to the new hotel and through that into the Adelphi.

In the meantime, the Van Dam which abuts the Adelphi is going to be transformed into a 152 room hotel.  Earlier stories indicated it would be a Hotel Indigo property.

Just up the street on Washington is the Universal Preservation Hall being developed by Philip Morris, CEO of Proctors (Schenectady) for a measly $7,000,000.00 as an expanded entertainment venue.

This is going to be quite the intersection.

4 thoughts on “More Hotels! It’s Going To Be Big!”

  1. ANOTHER fancy-smancy hotel. We are killing the goose that laid the golden egg. Wake up, Saratoga. It is high time we start to question every single hotel/condo approval.


  2. I’m glad to see the Universal Preservation Hall fixed up. It was sad seeing those crumbling steps. I notice they actually shoveled their snow last year! Maybe they got a warning.

    But I’m guessing when Mr. Morris adds a “state of the art sound system” that will “blow us away” all shows will be high decibel noise, in keeping with the fashion of the day. Maybe they’ll sell ear plugs in the lobby.


  3. I hope that the unnamed (and possibly the oldest) city alley will be saved. It is on the north end of the Rip’s Washington Street parking lot bounded by a solid white line on the east and the edge (was a stone wall) of the rectory property on the west….a mere ten feet wide. (There was a construction roll-off on the alley for awhile.)
    Many might remember that the old back extension of the Rip Van Dam Hotel had to construct over the alley – leaving a large gaping ‘hole’ for the drive through to the rear of the Adelphi Hotel, in case of fire.
    Would hate to lose another historical alley.


  4. It would seem, to the ordinary citizen, that $28,000,000 is a huge investment, especially considering the relatively small number of rooms that are available to reserve. I am assuming this figure does not even include the purchase price. It would seem that the “numbers don’t work”.
    At first, I thought the paint job on the façade was a primer. Now it looks like it will be the final color. I am disappointed.


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