Charlie Brown, Chairman of the Saratoga Springs Democratic Party Steps Down

Citing family demands the long time chair of the Saratoga Springs Democratic Party, Charlie Brown, has announced his decision to step down.  He will remain a member of the party’s Executive Committee.

In accordance with the committee’s by-laws Courtney DeLeonardis, who  currently serves as vice chair, will assume the position as Chair.

Ms. DeLeonardis is a teacher.  She served on the city’s Ethics Board and is the wife of Vince DeLeonardis, the City Attorney.


7 thoughts on “Charlie Brown, Chairman of the Saratoga Springs Democratic Party Steps Down”

  1. Hate to see families involved with multiple positions in governments, especially when one is a lawyer. Sorry, no more trust here.



  2. Interesting bit of timing by Mr. Brown, according to some who are Democratic insiders he was not a fan of charter change sees’ himself as a uniter, not a divider wish him well! Was Ms. Deleonardis a member of the Ethics Board when Mayor Yepson was found guilty by them of unethical behavior and eventually censored by her peers unanimously? Strange time to be a Democrat in Saratoga Springs!


    1. Ha, It is in fact a “strange time” to be an American! Democrats know however that there is no-such~thing as a “bad time to be a Democrat.” We are getting happier with every day that passes!!


  3. Charlie is a good guy who did great things with what is- essentially – a thankless job.

    The Democrats are a majority party in this city today. That alone qualifies him for Mt. Rushmore in 12866… But it goes deeper than that. Organizing a party that has Yepsen, Madigan, Mathiesen and Franck – each fierce warriors with often competing agendas, to say the least, involved a balancing act, and a skillset that harkens to King Solomon, an ace sheepdog and an Olympic Juggler combined.

    Charlie, if ever you want to have a book ghosted, am I ever your boy! Best of luck to you, and to Courtney: make sure you bring your ruler from school to Party meetings. I bet there will be several knuckles that will need rapping….


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