Blogger Still Has No Date With Mayoral Candidate Meg Kelly

I have waited  three weeks before attempting again to arrange an interview with Meg Kelly, the Democratic candidate for Mayor.  During this time Ms. Kelly has filed her nominating petitions with the Board of Elections.  Ms. Kelly has also held a fundraiser recently.

 I received a reply to my original request for an interview from her campaign manager, Rick Landry. He advised me that I was not to use her city email address when contacting her.  I assumed by this that I should make future requests through him since he offered no alternative email address for her.  So I sent my most recent request for an interview with Ms. Kelly to him.  After not hearing from him for several days, I wrote again.  I have not heard from him.

 If any of the readers of this blog should encounter Ms. Kelly or Mr. Landry, would you ask them to contact me?




13 thoughts on “Blogger Still Has No Date With Mayoral Candidate Meg Kelly”

  1. Johnny, they are both at the Gateway Motel. Call and ask for cabin 3. It is really classless for them not to respond to your request but this is the new Weimar Saratoga where lack of manners is the common bill of fare. Stay safe, Joey

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      1. As far as I can tell she’s for the same things that the mayor is – which I am VERY much against (the horrible housing ordinance and continuing on with the Geyser Rd. trail which has to be the WORST plan I have ever seen in my lifetime – and please not I am NOT against a bike trail either). I wish everyone could have seen the ‘presentation’ of the bike trail to the village of Ballston Spa. They basically laughed them (Meg and the guy who designed the disaster) out of the building and village.

        Councilman: “Can you tell us what the study says about the projected amount of use for this trail”

        Meg: “No, I can’t. We don’t have that information.”

        Councilman: “Wait – you mean you are spending $3.2 MILLION dollars of taxpayer money, and have no idea how many people will even utilize this trail?”

        Yes people – that happened. It was THAT bad. But hey! That’s what happens when you plan things behind closed doors in a paid members-only ‘neighborhood’ association for 12 years.

        In fact, after the presentation, Meg sat down right in front of me. I leaned over and said “Meg? I’ll give you one chance to learn the truth about this trail because they are NOT giving you the entire story” – and she slowly turned to me with eyes glaring and turned away without saying a word.

        If that’s the way she’s going to deal with the public she is positively in the wrong business, because you do NOT do that as a public official. You meet with and discuss possible problems – not forge ahead and ‘believe’ everything is right.

        Think about this one for a minute: we now have a city council that will steal people’s land for a bike trail that very well could take a life – but NOT for a badly needed firehouse that would save lives. And now they have a way to make that trail safer, less costly and more scenic through a nature preserve and yet they push forward to steal people’s land instead.


  2. It would be wise to read Wall Street Journal’s Saturday article (22 July) entitled: “Wall Street Is The New Suburban Landlord.”

    One gets a better idea on what is happening regarding the Lincoln Ave-Murphy Lane, south side debacles and why the city is becoming so overly gentrified. Some say it’s about R.O.I. (return on investment).

    While the investors (such as those represented by a Mr. Humble pie), are raking in a handsome profit, those in the losing circle (aside from the neighbors of late) include young newlyweds and their aspiring young families in search of the American Dream; which is no longer in arms reach in our fair city.

    What is the American Dream you ask?
    Some say home ownership. Others say equity. Maybe, it’s the ability to invest in one’s own property and/or the strategy of the safety net.

    The ability to stave off (and balance out) the negative fluctuation the future may bring (and allow the family to muddle through) with the least amount of collateral damage; both financially and notably with protections to one’s own honorable standing in society was the (now lost), working plan of ‘the greatest’ generation. (Whew!)

    Without equity and leverage; the renter-tenant paradigm shoves the new, young family into the lower strata with little hope of attaining any true value or self interest or real relevant input in the community at large.

    We need to ask Ms. Kelly; et alia; where they stand on representing their contingency.
    Does she represent the ‘Wall Street’ investor ideology or is it the now, non-equity building, rent paying working class? A/K/A: The new democrats.



  3. Hey DD–

    Maybe that’s why the flags are STILL at half mast on City Hall.
    It’s been, like … 6 months now?

    They just can’t seem to get the flags set right since January.
    Someone once said it’s because city employees avoid entering the building through the front door & never look up.

    Well, except city law enforcement.
    They seem to be very (frustrated and) aware of the problem but cannot do anything about it because it’s ‘not their problem.’

    Oh, maybe it’s that (our) unique commissioner form of government.
    It’s DPW, right? Or, is it the mayor?
    Anybody home? Hello?
    It’s the flags people.

    Henry Ward Beecher (or someone of that ilk) once was quoted saying:
    “A thoughtful mind sees not the flag only but the nation itself.”
    ‘Google’ it.

    So, what does the current state of ‘flagdom’ say for the city?
    Hi Meg.
    Just seeing if you’re paying attention.

    It’s all good fun.



  4. hmmm, I’m sure you have been very professional but considering the above comments, i can only imagine why she hasn’t returned your requests John. I am sure you would be welcome to attend any of her meet and greets like any Saratogian who genuinely wants to know more about the issues she supports.

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    1. Seriously – one has to PAY for the ‘privilege’ of speaking with a candidate at a meet and greet fundraiser to be heard? #CountMeOut


    2. Seriously, ABM?
      Are we talking about a candidate for Mayor who’s so put off by the comments on this blog that she won’t even respond to a request for an interview?? What’s she going to do if some negative letters about her show up in a newspaper? Not meet with the editors? And how does she expect to survive contentious city council meetings?
      Most candidates are eager to get their message out and anxious to communicate their views to the public. Could it be that she doesn’t have any views to communicate? Could it be agreeing to Joanne’s plan for her was a bad idea?
      The least she could do would be to have the courtesy to reply to this request even if it’s to say “No.”

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  5. After what this blogger did to the current Mayor and Pat Kain I can see why she would say no to an interview.


  6. Hi Paula,

    The problem with Pat Kane is that he wasn’t ‘Able.’
    Pun intended.

    We appreciate your input; truly.



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