Shakespeare In Congress Park



Love, Sex and Jealousy: A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Monday, July 17 at 7:00 PM Saratoga Springs Public Library (Dutcher Community Room) 48 Henry Street, Saratoga Springs FREE! Before the season begins be sure to brush up your Shakespeare at this special discussion led by Saratoga Shakespeare Company Artistic Director and Skidmore Professor Lary Opitz .

4 thoughts on “Shakespeare In Congress Park”

  1. Johnny, you don’t have to to the park; just go to city hall. Guess who Lady Macbeth is ? Stay safe, Joey


  2. You have a nice mix of topics on your blog.
    It’s been a pleasure to see your blog grow, and in such a short time.


  3. Shakespeare in Congress Park is one of our favorite events here. We look forward to it every year.

    Last year, though, a local character disrupted all three plays we saw. I wonder if they’ll hire him for a starring role this year?

    The first show, he sat himself at the front of the audience and busied himself adjusting and readjusting his blanket, standing up and sitting down, and finally happily yelling over the performers. An elderly couple seated near him asked him to shush and instead he got louder. A policewoman finally escorted him away.

    The second show, a few weeks later, he reappeared and again put on a show for the audience, waving his arms and mocking the performers. When a cop gently led him away he yelled “Don’t touch me!! Don’t put your hands on me!” It was the only time I saw him break character.

    The third show (the one put on by the drama students) he actually strode up to one of the young actresses while she gave her speech and got right in her face. At first I didn’t recognize him and thought he was part of the show. He put his face about an inch away from hers, and she bopped him gently on his head with her prop tennis racket. His performance again ended with a police escort to a different area of the park.

    I haven’t seen him around town this year. Maybe he’s migrated to a new city. He used to put on shows downtown; lying on the sidewalk and waving his feet, yelling at people, stuff like that. Always with a big grin on his face.

    Once I saw him cross a side street. A car stopped to let him pass. When he saw the stopped car, he decided to walk backwards again across the street, and then forward, so that the car would have to sit and watch his show. I was walking on the other side of the street and noticed the driver didn’t appreciate the subtle humor of his performance.

    I’m wondering if he’ll make a reappearance at this year’s Shakespeare in the Park.


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