Democratic Candidate For Mayor Turns Down Date With Blogger

I emailed Meg Kelly who is the Democratic party’s endorsed candidate for mayor, seeking to interview her about her candidacy for this blog.  Rather than hearing from her, I received an email from a Mr. Rick Landry who identified himself as her campaign manager.  He asked what I wanted to interview her about.  I wrote back that I wanted to hear her ideas about issues facing the city.

Mr. Landry emailed me and advised that Ms. Kelly was not available at this time.

I am amused that I must go through an intermediary rather than deal with her directly.

[Emails To Meg Kelly]

From:    John Kaufmann[]

Sent:     Wednesday, June 28, 2017 6:03 PM

To:          ‘Meg.Kelly

Subject:   Interview

Are you available for an interview about your candidacy?

From: Rick Landry < >

Date: June 29, 2017 at 1:31:54 PM EDT

To: John.kaufmann

Subject: Meg Kelly’s campaign

Greetings John,

My name is Rick Landry, and I am Meg Kelly’s campaign manager. Meg does not use her city hall address for political correspondences, and I am coordinating that side of things for her. What are you interested in talking to her about?


Rick Landry

Meg Kelly for Mayor

Campaign Manager

From: John Kaufmann < >

Date: June 29, 2017 at 1:37:28 PM EDT

To: Rick Landry < >

Subject: Re: Meg Kelly’s campaign

A general discussion of the issues facing the city.  How should I contact her in the future?

From:    John Kaufmann []

Sent:     Saturday, July 01, 2017 12:17 PM

To:          Rick Landry ()

Subject:  Status

What is the status of my request for an interview?

From:    Rick Landry []

Sent:     Saturday, July 01, 2017 4:00 PM

To:          John Kaufmann

Subject:               Re: Status

Hi John. My apologies, I got to town recently and we are just starting to set up the campaign.

Perhaps Meg can do an interview down the road but I would like to hold off on that for now.

I personally am a follower of your blog and I think it is a great resource for analysis and debate of issues facing Saratoga. Best of luck moving forward.

– Rick

7 thoughts on “Democratic Candidate For Mayor Turns Down Date With Blogger”

  1. Are you ready for some (political) football?

    {Play-by-Play Announcer} “Let’s go down to the field, where hopefully Head Referee Ed Hockule has this sorted out…

    {Referee} “We have two flags on the play. Number 70, 5 yards for excessive offense taking…”

    {P-B-P} “That’s John Kaufmann…”

    {Color Announcer – initials are AG} “Yeah, I’m wondering what Kaufmann was thinking here… I was so sure that I missed something that I replayed the exchange between Kaufmann and Landry three times. I don’t see what the problem is: The guy introduced himself, said nice things about Kaufmann’s blog, and held the door wide open for a future meet with the Deputy Mayor. Seems like a mensch to me…”

    {Referee} “…and a 15-yard Major, number 70….

    {P-B-P} “Kaufmann again.”

    {Referee}”…For unfortunate headline writing.”

    {P-B-P} “Arthur, while still a player you were inducted to the Headline Writing Hall Of Fame. Where did Kaufmann go wrong here?”

    {Color} “Well, a good headline has to be eye-catching, and certainly it helps to be provocative. That’s all fine here. But most of all – it has to be accurate – meaning, reflective of what the story inside is saying… Candidate for Mayor turns down DATE! This has LOL written all over it folks… I just wanna know where they will go on their date – maybe Ben + Jerry’s and hang out on the swings? Maybe they can get Doug and Jane to chauffer and chaperone! Really… Kaufmann needs to regroup. The Coach has sat him down; he’s lucky that the ref didn’t eject him for that one. Date – please…”

    {P-B-P} “Well, that’s the end of the first quarter. We’ll be back with more action after these words from Jefferson Terrace Condos Le Moderne.”


  2. Ms Kelly?
    Or Mrs. Mills?
    p.s Loved Arthur’s rant. Some good points.
    Let’s all give Mr Landry a pass…..for now.
    Happy 4th.


  3. Ms.Kelly and Mrs.Mills will be making a joint statement on all the issues in the very near future and any responses they make is not a reflection of their true feelings only an outline until they can agree. The seriousness of their candidacy remains their paramount focus…so until we meet again………FORE!


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