This is a brief summary of the latest news from the Charter Review Commission.

On June 26th the Charter Review Commission voted on several amendments to their document and then had a vote on whether to adopt the document.  Of those present all but two supported it.  Elio DelSette, who was appointed by Commissioner Madigan, and Matt Jones, who was appointed by Commissioner Scirocco, voted against.

Strangely, the Commission’s website has a version of the proposed charter identified as “revised June 24th”.  This is not the newest version adopted on Monday and as far as I can tell there was not a meeting on June 24th.

The most significant changes adopted on Monday are:

  1. The establishment of a full time mayor with an annual salary of $40,000.00 plus benefits.
  2. The members of the council will be paid $14,500.00.  They will not receive any benefits.
  3. A statement that requires the council act with transparency.

I will comment on this in more detail in later blog.


2 thoughts on “This is a brief summary of the latest news from the Charter Review Commission.”

  1. John, it’s my understanding that the proposed charter doesn’t say that the mayor is either full time or part time. It just specifies the salary. The amount of time the mayor spends on the job will be up to the mayor.


  2. Nowhere in the proposed charter is the Mayor referred to as full-time. We didn’t want to rule out a Mayor having additional employment. In my mind I was thinking that the Mayor’s position is probably more than half-time and some weeks it would be more than full-time, but flexible.

    Barbara Thomas (member of the Charter Review Commission)


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