Sustainable Saratoga’s “Tree Triage” App Wins Smart City Technology Competition

[JK: News release from Sustainable Saratoga]

Sustainable Saratoga’s “Tree Triage” App Wins Smart City Technology Competition

We’re excited to announce that our innovative new mobile app, Tree Triage, took top prize in the Saratoga Go! Smart City Technology Competition on Wednesday. Saratoga Go! challenged individuals and businesses to create and pitch solutions that improve quality of life for residents, businesses and institutions, or visitors to the City.  The Tree Triage app, developed by our Urban Forestry Project Chair Tom Denny, is a user-friendly way for the City’s Dept. of Public Works (DPW) and Arborist to enter all tree plantings and tree removals into the existing tree inventory. Routine maintenance of the tree inventory, which will preserve both its planning value and funding value, is far more cost-effective than having to replace the tree inventory if it becomes outdated. With Tree Triage, the DPW can record tree information in less than a minute at the tree site. Smarter infrastructure is key to making our City’s operations more productive and efficient. Thanks to Tree Triage, sustaining and growing our urban forest — a critical component of our community’s infrastructure — will be easier than ever!

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