ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) Lays Its Heavy Hand On Saratoga Springs – Local Church Offers Sanctuary

In a June 7 article, Wendy Liberatore reported in the Times Union about recent arrests by ICE in Saratoga Springs and the community’s response.

The previous week ICE arrested sixteen men. 

 On June 5 the Saratoga Springs Presbyterian-New England Congregational Church voted unanimously to offer sanctuary to those facing deportation. Speaking on behalf of the church, Terry Diggory  told the TU that “This is not a partisan stand.  We are taking a political stand for the welfare of the community because the rhetoric under the Trump Administration has turned distressing.”

Citing the reliance on undocumented workers by the flat track and the “hospitality industry”, a number of politicians and business people expressed their concern about the policy.

This is a link to the full story in the TU:

Here is a link to a story from Channel Ten News about more arrests that took place yesterday in Saratoga Springs:


2 thoughts on “ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) Lays Its Heavy Hand On Saratoga Springs – Local Church Offers Sanctuary”

  1. I’m disappointed that our city officials have not made Saratoga Springs a Sanctuary City
    First of all, they contribute greatly to the economy of Saratoga by providing all their low-paid labor, to the benefit of some very prosperous businesses. Second, and more important -it’s a human rights issue.
    Do people in the US have any concept of what real poverty is? Those people arrested by ICE are not “muggers and rapists”. They are hard working humans who are trying to survive and give their children the opportunity they never had. What happened to all the values and ideals that make our country great?

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