Rosalie Sorrels, Great Folk Artist And Long Time Friend Of Lena Spenser And Saratoga Springs Dies

Rosalie Sorrels has died.  She was one of the great singers coming out of the folk music revival.  She was also a close friend of Lena Spencer’s (Caffe Lena).  Ms. Sorrels spent extensive periods of time here in our city.  I know that the common take on Saratoga Springs during the 70’s was that it was a dying backwater of closed stores.  In fact Lena helped nurture a lively subculture of artists of which Ms. Sorrels was a prominent member.  This city was a wonderful home for a variety of artists and musicians…it as affordable.

This is a link to a very good obituary.  You have to read quite a bit to get to the section on Lena and Saratoga Springs but it is well worth it.

The New York Times dedicated half a page to this wonderful tribute to her:


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