City Democratic Chair Corrects Blogger

I received the following from Charley Brown, Saratoga Springs Democratic Committee Chairman.  Yes, yet another error by your feckless blogger that required correction.  Here is his email.

 Your statement..”Interestingly, they declined to take action on the mayoralty race.  My understanding was that it was a very close vote to delay an endorsement.”  Is incorrect.  The vote to delay the endorsement was nearly unanimous.   

 The closer vote was ‘were we going have Meg Kelly address/introduce herself to our members at yesterdays meeting’?  It was decided that to keep the process as open/unbiased as possible it would be best to wait on that as well….  The debate  was due to the fact that we regularly have candidates that are seeking our endorsement come, address and have a Q&A with our committee. (All the endorsed candidates did in fact speak with the committee over the last few months)

 We will have our ‘official’ statement out later today in our ‘In The Loop’ news letter…..


2 thoughts on “City Democratic Chair Corrects Blogger”

  1. John,
    You can’t always get things 100% right the first time. The important thing is the you are willing to set the record straight – kudos for that!


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