Extraordinarily Insightful Talk By Rolling Stone Columnist Matt Taibbi On The Media and Trump

Personally, I have found much of the talk about the presidency of Donald Trump repetitive and not especially interesting.  This talk by Matt Taibbi focuses on the mechanics of the media’s coverage of Donald Trump and how he is a transitional figure.  Whether you are a supporter or opponent of Donald Trump I think you will find this talk of interest.  Much of it deals with the business of modern news coverage.  It also deals with the symbiotic relationship that has existed between the major media players, especially television, and the presidential candidates they cover.  For example, for the last few election cycles the media has been charged by the candidates, both Democratic and Republican, to cover them.  This includes planes, buses, hotels, meals, media rooms, etc.  Taibbi shares that three days he spent with the Trump campaign cost $12,000.00.  This is not unique to Trump.  The result is that only the media with the deepest pockets can afford to be “on the bus.” 

Trump supporters, don’t be put off by the title. 

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