Correction On Song Post!

Yup, your well meaning blogger managed multiple mistakes in one post.  I think this is a new record.

Rockabilly Song was by Tom Denny and Russ Pittinger.  The other song was written and performed by Tom Denny.  My deepest apologies to Mr. Denny who is also the manager of the tree program.  Go Tom Denny!

Also, Rick Fenton was a forester and not an arborist.

From the website “Under the Oak Tree”

Forester vs Arborist – What’s the Difference?

 Simply put, a Forester will care for the forest as a whole while an Arborist will care for an individual tree.

Foresters will receive their formal education and training in college. The education and training of an Arborist is less formal than a college degree. The International Society of Arboriculture  offers different certification opportunities that are recognized as the gold standard of arborist education and training.

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