A March For Science: I thought the need for this ended with the Inquisition

The Skidmore Student Environmental Action Committee organized a march from Congress Park to the City Center in defense of science as part of Earth Day on Saturday April 22.  What a bizarre sign of our times.

It was quite a turnout of a diverse crowd that I estimated at three to four hundred.

Group begins to assemble in park
March begins
One of these is Dennis the Menace and the other is Ed Lindner


On the move


Group Gathers At City Center For Speakers




5 thoughts on “A March For Science: I thought the need for this ended with the Inquisition”

  1. nice John. I guess you don’t read comics much though. It’s Calvin from Calvin & Hobbes one of the best comic strips ever!


      1. At the very least, Vito Soavé made a few busks selling these useful activists the oak tag and markers lol.


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