How You Can Help The Pitney Farm Proposed Project

[JK:I received this release from the Pitney Meadows Community Farm]


Pitney Meadows Community Farm, a 166-acre historic farm, is being brought alive again and turned into a community farm for the whole community to enjoy, learn about agriculture, and be a part of. They would appreciate your support and votes, and ask for 30 seconds per day for a short time.

The Pitney team recently applied for the Seeds of Change Grantentering the Children’s Greenhouse & Gardens Project for PMCF into the community division in hopes to win $25,000.

To move onto the next round, they have to be voted as one of the TOP 50 farms in the community division in the country. Voting has just opened and remains opened until Wednesday, April 19th, 2017. Each individual is allowed one vote per day, and family can use different devices to vote on the same day.

 The direct link is:


If you want more information on Seeds of Change and the program you can use this link (as well as vote):  (search “Pitney” to find us.) Please forward this note to all your friends and family to help us out, and like our Facebook Page and share it!  It only takes 30 seconds each day to vote for us… Thanks!   The rendering of this exciting project is below that we hope to build in May!

Sandy Arnold, President, PMCF



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