Major Commercial Project For Saratoga Lake

Marinas At Fish Creek

Frank Parillo, who is a major developer in town, has plans for Saratoga Lake.  Among the many properties owned by Mr. Parillo are the Hampton Inn Hotel and High Rock Condominiums on Lake Avenue.  Mr. Parillo currently owns two marinas on Lake George as well.

He is planning to build a restaurant, clubhouse, and locker rooms on a marina he owns at the northern edge of Saratoga Lake.  Last fall he purchased the Saratoga Boatworks for $2.28 million dollars.  It is located on your left just before you get to the bridge over Fish Creek.  There are currently 130 slips at the marina.

Another group is planning another large project for what is now a 3.2 acre marina across the street from where Parillo plans to build.  John Boyle from Ballston Spa is leading this other project working with real estate broker Dan Collins and architect Mike Phinney.  They are working on a plan involving a 15,000 square foot restaurant.  Their goal, in addition to the restaurant, is to build a 10 room bed and breakfast and a 25 room inn.

3 thoughts on “Major Commercial Project For Saratoga Lake”

  1. Wondering if these two developments will have county sewer service?
    Parillo also owns the “Saratogian block” and the infamous mental health building (Topper Pontiac building) on South Broadway. Did anyone ever come up with the answer to how many tax dollars were expended in the renovations on the mental health facility? Environmental cleanup, demo, architect drawings, landscaping, paving parking lot, etc.? Parillo gets something like $25,000 a month rental income. Do the math. $300,000+ a year income, and he bought the building for a bit more than $1M. The county paid for the improvements.


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