Saratoga Go! Smart Apps Competition to Begin in April

I thought some readers might be interested in entering this competition to create smart apps for the city. Commissioner Madigan provided the information below.


The Saratoga Go! Community Innovation Competition launches in April 2017. To learn more, including how to participate, go to and watch this video


Saratoga Go! is a community partnership led by IgniteU NY (which is “powered by NYSTEC” – the City’s consultant partner on the 2016 Smart City Roadmap 1.0), Empire State College and the City of Saratoga Springs under Commissioner of Finance Michele Madigan’s  Smart City Initiatives.

Saratoga Go! is a Smart City technology competition challenging individuals, small businesses, or software companies to create community innovations that will improve the quality of life for residents, businesses and institutions, or visitors in a city. Participants can submit any solution aimed at developing Smart Cities in the following categories as outlined by the City of Saratoga Springs Smart City Roadmap 1.0: Connected Community, Public Services, Environmental Innovation, Education and Training, Intelligent Infrastructure and a general Open category.

Throughout the three-month competition (April 2017- June 2017), participants will have the opportunity to attend workshops designed to provide valuable information and resources to aid them in their development of the applications.

Workshops will offer training in various topics such as data, pitching, marketing and customer discovery.

At the end of June, participants will have the chance to pitch their solutions at an event. The Saratoga Go! winners will receive marketing and promotion, cash awards, and other exciting opportunities to promote their apps.


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