Mark Baker Runs For Mayor

I received this story from Art Gonick.  Quite the scoop Art!

Seeking Republican Endorsement

By Arthur Gonick SARATOGA SPRINGS – Sources within the Saratoga Springs City Republican Committee, as well as other reliable sources, have confirmed that Mark Baker, longtime President of the Saratoga Springs City Center, has met with the committee on Wednesday evening to ask for their endorsement for Saratoga Springs’ Mayor.

If he runs, Mr. Baker would presumably face 2-term incumbent Democratic Mayor Joanne Yepsen.

Also seeking support at the meeting was Don Braim, a former SSPD member seeking the office of Commissioner of Public Safety.

Committee sources estimate that official party endorsements are about a month away, to allow candidates to be vetted properly.

Mr. Baker was called twice for comment, but did not immediately return phone calls.

A Mark Baker candidacy would be formidable. As City Center President, he oversaw the economic engine of the city, leading it through a heralded expansion, and helped secure passage by the City Council of provisions that will build a multilevel parking structure adjacent to the City Center.

Mr. Baker continues to keep an office at the City Center, to work on effectuating the garage’s construction. He now may help cut the ribbon on the garage as the City’s leader.

12 thoughts on “Mark Baker Runs For Mayor”

    1. Very possible, John. But the Committee met yesterday, and he was there as described… If (I think so) he gets the nod, I would take AT LEAST 2 weeks on a beach somewhere to think about everything… This is a swamp, after all. Not for the faint hearted…


  1. Yepsen it appears will not be Mayor much longer. Her ethics problems and sheer folly have caught up with her ( sheer folly lack of good sense; foolishness,A foolish act, idea, or practice.) Both Democrats and Republicans are seeking to ensure this is her last term. Mr. Baker is not the only republican looking to run. People from across party lines are working to defeat Yepsen this election cycle. So congrats to Mr. Baker for throwing his hat in the ring.

    Problems abound in the city Democratic Party, Peter martin will not fun for supervisor this cycle, he wants to be Commissoner of Public Safety instead. Which will lead to a primary poor Peter still at his age, he does not know what he wants. He has a failed record as a Saratoga County Supervisor and now wants to apply those skills to Public Safety. OMG enough is enough with the Yepsen Dem. leadersship in Saratoga Springs. Lets give the citizens a honest candidate and put the people back in the drivers seat.


  2. Good luck Mark!….Now off topic,…A bit of unethical behavior was on display this week by none other than Bob Turner who just couldn’t wait to politicized his role as chairman of the Charter Change Committee when he addressed the City Democratic Committee seeking their support to change the form of Gov’t here in the City. Still think this is grass roots movement?


    1. Associate Professor??? What’s that a student attendant? Some of his Committee members are feeling they;ve been had by Boyd,Kane, Yepsen and Turner,one member told me these four had it all sliced up before the first meeting just needed a few lambs to fill in……could be a blow back here!


    1. I agree Henry… there is some buzz about Mr. Braim from rank and file police (current and retired) who are concerned that he might want to make good on threats to get even, after his son (also on the SSPD at the time) being ousted from the force as part of a consent decree after the son assaulted a civilian. Also, the fact that Braim said at Wednesday’s meeting that he knew next to nothing about the fire department certainly did not help his case, though I guess he does get honesty points. Clearly, the committee would like there to be alternatives for Public Safety, though Braim does have some support.


  3. That’s a good one Arthur. And thanks for pointing out the fact that Braim has admitted that he knew next to nothing about the fire department. It should not be a hindrance for him.
    We have had successive Public Safety Commissioners, and I might also add, Deputy Public Safety Commissioners, who have no clue whatsoever about either the Police or Fire Departments.


  4. Mark Baker is a great choice. Unlike the current mayor (Yepsen),Mark Baker does not have ethics problems. So it appears the voters of Saratoga Springs withh be able to choose between a candidate that is self-serving (Yepsen) or a candidate who would rather serve the people of Saratoga Springs (Mark Baker)


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