Understanding the Presidential Election


For those struggling to understand the November election, there will be an interesting talk by Chris Arnade at 6:30PM Thursday in Gannett Auditorium on the Skidmore Campus. Arnade has a PhD in physics from John Hopkins and worked for 20 years as a trader on Wall Street. He left Wall Street in 2012 to focus on photography. Below is a link to an interview with him in the Atlantic and further information about his talk at Skidmore.


American Carnage: Why Trump Supporters Are Not Idiots

A conversation with photojournalist Chris Arnade

Thu, February 16 @ 6:30pm, Gannett Auditorium

Photojournalist Chris Arnade captures the often forgotten, misunderstood American communities that litter the country and proved decisive for Donald Trump’s victory.  During the course of 2016, Chris drove 57,821 miles back and forth across the country trying to understand the root of Trump’s support. His conclusion: many voters feel years of angst over being forgotten and betrayed by the establishment, and it’s time to start listening to them.

In his wide-ranging talk, Chris will discuss reasons for a divided America. He worries about ever-present race issues, the education gap, and failures to address addiction. Firmly opposed to Trump, this PhD in Physics and Wall Street trader of 20 years hopes to help his seething country embrace empathy.

Beyond his own projects, Chris is a regular contributor to The Guardian and has been featured in The Wall Street JournalThe Washington PostThe AtlanticQuartz and the Columbia Review of Journalism.

This event is hosted by The Skidmore News with support from MDOCS.



2 thoughts on “Understanding the Presidential Election”

  1. Holy photo-shoot, Batman!
    Chris Arnade is coming to Skidmore!

    “…Trump Supporters Are Not Idiots.”

    Maybe, Trump won because of the big lie.
    Maybe, people are sick and tired of being lied to.
    Maybe, it’s just that simple.

    I hope he brings a cool slide show.


  2. Well, what a great talk!
    I just got some very interesting feedback from somebody that attended the lecture.

    Dr. Arnade made a most effectual, lucid presentation.
    At the end of the day, the Skidmore community has isolated itself from the greater community at large;
    The City of Saratoga Springs. They are confused.

    The questions posed by the community was confused, irrelevant and obtuse.

    Chris Arnade mentioned the story about a town in Maine that was in dying; dead. The factories closed down; everything lost. They brought in Somali refugees whom brought back the town but the old town folk rejected the success because the newcomers, whom saved the town, were outsiders and the old locals rejected them for their work because they were newcomers (or black?). Go figure.

    The gist is this: The Skidmore campus is still in mourning.
    The fact that Trump won, blows their minds.
    Why? Because they won’t face reality.

    The reality is that their own party worked against them; betrayed them.
    The fact that their own ideology turned against them; they find unfathomable.
    They just can’t wrap their heads around it.
    The party rigged the election against Bernie, not Trump.

    It seem like, they just don’t get it.
    The Democrat party sabotaged their chosen son: Bernie.
    Yet, nobody will confess or admit the truth.
    Very telling. Very sad. Ultimate denial.

    Dr. Arnade said he will be speaking on this topic for maybe 6 months, tops and will be moving on.
    He sees no good end in sight to the quest at hand.

    They; the left; compromised themselves and will reap what they sew (sow?).
    The right just does not care and wants to be left alone.

    Gay or straight, the folks he met throughout the country treat everyone fairly and respectfully.
    Right up until the impose themselves and become annoying.

    That in itself says volumes.

    Great talk.
    Hopefully Skidmore, paid a fair fee for the performance.



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