4 thoughts on “Huge Development Proposed For Land By Train Station”

  1. First: Where would citizens of Saratoga Springs get their news if it were not for John K, and Saratoga Today. Certainly not from the Saratogian.
    Second: This area is wetlands. Development was proposed in the past, and the plans fell apart because of the wetlands. What has changed since then?
    Third: Don’t you think the local developers would have proposed something for that wet area if it were possible to build there?


    1. Your right Henry but with Mayor Yepsen’s new form of Gov’t(if it passes) and all her stooges in place this is a done deal,besides that I’m sure this developer has already given to either Cuomo or Yepsen….funny Cuomo’s Lt.Gov will be introducing Mayor Yepsen at the City’s State of the City Address……..alot at steak here for Yepsen,so far she has been able to hide her incompetence……….so far,,,, but some members of her inner circle are having second thoughts especially in light of how the State ruled against her and the City in the Collamer lot Scandal.


  2. What happens to traffic on Washington Ave. during and after this development construction? There’s already to many tractor trailers speeding on that narrow street. During the water main replacement, several tractor trailers ignored the “local traffic only” signs and destroyed some equipment the workers had left out.

    I assume there’ll be a big increase in big truck traffic. Are they doing a traffic study? Also, I see one of the developers admitted “It won’t be what you’d call affordable housing.”


    1. Will,

      Re: “Also, I see one of the developers admitted “It won’t be what you’d call affordable housing.”

      That’s what I am waiting to see. I have yet to see any details or numbers on this, but if this is going to yet another ribbon cutting with the mayor getting another photo op proclaiming it’s affordable workforce/senior housing and it is NOT, you can be assured we will stand AGAINST it.

      Dave Morris
      Saratogians for Sustainable Housing


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