Michele Madigan On Why She Marched

[JK: I received this from Michele Madigan]

Why I marched at the Women’s March in Washington with family, friends, and women from around the world.

I was proud on January 21, 2017 to stand among millions of women, men, and even some children from around the world in peaceful demonstrations to support issues of equality, healthcare, a free press, science, environmental protections, our public schools, facts, social progress and so much more.  There wasn’t any one particular issue that I marched for, but for our great country and for democratic civic engagement.  I should point out that this wasn’t my first march in DC.  I could be found supporting many of these same issues in 1992 on my first bus trip to Washington DC with one of the very same women I traveled with in 2017, my cousin and close friend Susan Kirby-LeMon.  I’ve always been a woman of action and this is what prompted me to run for local office here in Saratoga Springs.  I’ll never apologize for dissenting, organizing and protesting peacefully for issues I feel strongly about.

There are many reasons why people from all over the world felt the need to march and protest yesterday.  For me it wasn’t an anti-Trump rally; however, his harmful rhetoric and proposals on the campaign trail certainly give me grave concern and contributed to my feeling such a strong need to march again in DC.

At the end of the Women’s March, I was overwhelmed with a feeling of community and solidarity with my fellow Americans, New Yorkers, my local community, my new bus friends, and my Congressman, Paul Tonko who marched yesterday. We all just felt really good about the day and our accomplishment in being there in unity with one another.  It was a peaceful and beautiful day to March.

Many thanks to John Kaufmann for the offer to document the day with pictures and now my thoughts.  A final picture that I have been saving sums up why I went and it is my very favorite picture of the day – that’s right “Never Trust a Man Who has Never Owned a Dog” (I kid) – it’s all about the GIRL POWER:


13 thoughts on “Michele Madigan On Why She Marched”

  1. “I’ll never apologize for dissenting, organizing and protesting peacefully for issues I feel strongly about.”

    Michele, you have nothing to apologize for. As you know, people are going to snipe no matter what you do… You could win Mega-millions, donate 1/2 to the City, and some people would say A) it’s not enough, and/or B) it was done for political reasons.

    I salute the spirit of liberty which motivated you, colleagues, family and friends, and compelled you all to join the march. As you noted, all these people came for different reasons, and yet that spirit, the love of our freedoms, brought millions together, and it was stunning to see.

    My hope is that some of this experience can be brought to our schools somehow… Pink liberty crowns & protest signs (the clean ones!) would make a mighty powerful show & tell!

    I know many, not all in your group: elected, appointed, and private citizens – all coming together from different perspectives, under the banner of liberty. I salute you all.

    In your case, keep reminding people that you are a voter too! Not just the city’s “numbers person” but a committed citizen of the USA!

    Kudos also to JK for having a sense of this unique moment in our history and meandering away from his usual programming… Now back to (ab)normal, Lol.

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  2. 3 Words: Child Protective Services.

    Dear Commissioner Madigan:

    Just re-read your contribution to the blog for the umpteenth time.
    So, you seriously believe there was/is no negative consequence for your DC escapades?

    Please tell us you are joking and that you do not seriously relate to those people.
    If you were not holding and elected office along with Congressman Tonko, this would be a different story.

    Remember Skidmore discussing micro-aggressions and triggers?
    Did you notice any problems, per se; with the march?

    Arthur-G’s stated: “My hope is that some of this experience can be brought to our schools somehow.”
    Is this guy not comprehending the goings-on that day? Wake up Arthur! Do you have any comprehension for what you are advocating?

    The all-accepting Waldorf School must be having trouble explaining the virtues of the Women’s March.
    Just the contemplation and elucidation of said event must have the likes of Rudolf Steiner spinning in his grave!

    The news was rife with explicit imagery; posters, signs and even full blown, colorful costumes, all depicting the female genitalia, in full form. Some viewers were completely appalled and aghast witnessing such vulgarity.

    Commissioner: How was this exhibition, this march, not in violation of some local decency laws & regulations?

    Explain to your constituents (yes, yours and Congressman Tonko’s), that you both were participating and condoning an event that bordered on soft porn an abject perversion.

    What if men held a rally and dressed up & marched as male phallic symbols? It would be the same thing, right? Not in your wildest dreams.

    What really bothered some (the mature, responsible adults among us) is the fact that this was not an example of age appropriate behavior but rather, behavior that was fueled by a higher order: one that ensnared and excited a bunch of marginalized and victimized women into doing their bidding. Stalin’s “useful idiots” come to mind.

    This anti-American elitist group of organizers, promotes the polarization of the constructs of society through an extreme progressive agenda, with one end, and one end only: to fuel friction, disorder and chaos; to dissolve whatever moral bonds exist, by whatever means necessary, that bind a civilized people together. And after that, comes martial law and control.

    Think we’re joking? This is pretty serious stuff to some, Madame Commissioner.
    Heads-up: You stated that there were young children marching, too! That’s the rub.
    Isn’t there some decency law on the books to safeguard emotionally vulnerable children from seeing such visual vulgarity?

    Go ask a cop.
    Ask your fellow commissioner of Public Safety.
    Remember that guy? Go ask him.

    Imagine the imagery; the graphic imagery in the minds of the little ones!
    Google: “women’s march vaginas” and select images. Be prepared for uncensored reality.

    Obscenity, perversion and soft-porn, masquerading as a women’s rights movement has no place on Main Street America. Our city would not have allowed such perversion to exhibit itself as a ‘march’ down Broadway. At lease, not in the America in which some of us were raised.

    So, you are kidding us, right? You really think this was funny and harmless?
    Just a fun day out with your mom and a few goofy friends?
    You think there was nothing wrong with what you and Rep. Paul Tonko, condoned that day?

    What truly boggles the mind is this: Where were the adults; the real parents?
    Where there no mature, responsible, conscientious-minded mothers and/or fathers protecting vulnerable young children from witnessing such behavior, such graphic imagery, anywhere to be found?

    For shame.
    Some believe you and your friends became unknowing participants in child abusive behavior.
    In New York State, especially in the City of Saratoga Springs, such behavior must be reported to the authorities.

    Interestingly, persons in the educational, academic and medical professions, et al., are required by law to report such deviant behavior. It would not be unreasonable by any means to assume that anyone exhibiting such explicitly perverse actions would not be reported to Child Protective Services.

    And to that, I leave our dear readers to ponder exactly whom you are, whom you represent and the company you keep.

    Sorry, some of us find no solace or any humor in your temporary lapse of sanity, maturity, responsibly and the law. Yes, the law. At least our esteemed mayor and others of high trust, resisted the temptation to join you on your field trip to Neverland.

    But you and your comrades, seek comfort in knowing you are protected by the gods of mass insanity and group think. Don’t be so sure.

    Some of us voted for you guys once, remember that.

    It was once said: “You vote for the person whom shares your values and keeps the most money in your pocket.” Just food for thought.



    1. Well said jc according to ms madigan she was there for a variety reasons including the fact progresso soups don’t put the same amount of chicken in there cans as they once did buuuuuutt the main reason for this march was pure frustration and I believe it to be the worst of all human frustrations…..fantasy


      1. Thanks for your support. well. my final retort will not be aired.
        I’ve been censored.
        There seemed to be a problem with the ‘tone’ of the comment. Hmmm.
        I don’t think the White Street crowd would be comfortable sharing a cup of coffee w/me.
        Maybe it was the attached link he found offensive.
        Watch this (even my bride like it …says a lot lol):

        Hey…reality bites! lol


  3. Hi Justin,
    I’ll leave it to the Commissioner, perhaps the Congressman to answer your ‘claims’ if they choose I will say only the following:

    1- I am wide awake. You are incorrect about that – and insulting. Consider a Dale Carnegie course. You are sorely in need of one. Perhaps several.
    2 – For the record, I stand 100% behind everything I said.
    3- If I get some serious vacation time, I will plan on visiting your planet. I’m interested in how the Bizzaro world operates.


    1. Thank you Arthur.
      I AM indeed in need of a vacation.
      This election was a major source of stress for me, indeed.
      If you can get tickets to Bizaro, let me know.
      I’ll bring the gin. lol


      1. NP Justin, i’m a Bourbon and Craft Beer guy, but i can broaden my horizons… since it’s Bizarro, i guess the right expression is “The more the misery-er!” or some such thing. All aboard!


  4. Justin, your comments ARE the VERY REASON we march. Because of ignorant, intolerant people like you, WE WILL CONTINUE TO MARCH!


    1. Meant no disrespect, Fran.
      Reality bites (for those of us paying astute attention).
      I held a position of high trust for years and I am too well aware of external stimuli and its effects on our children. I am not the enemy. Please understand that. They are using you. Be vigilant. Question everything. Stay the course.
      You’re the best,


  5. It’s obvious to me that “Justin Chase” is just a passive aggressive manipulator who gets his jollies by taunting “liberals.” He claims not to know what the pussy reference is all about, makes the false equivalence of being drunk in public with going to a march, equates the Women’s Rights movement with pornography, and on and on in his pompous voice. He’s your typical Internet troll, out to provoke by being outrageous, too chicken to even use his real name. It’s his hobby, so just ignore him.


    1. Hi Kathy,

      “Passive aggressive manipulator;” I liked that.
      Shows the benefits of an academic education.

      If you would have read my comments in its entirety, it would have taken you about 15-20 minutes to reflect and digest the comprehensive meaning and weight behind the story, before rendering such quick and snappy judgement.

      While the Women’s Rights Movement is noble; the March was not.
      Please read Katie Hopkin’s piece here:

      I am sorry if I come off as smug, coy or pompous. My adult children complain that I run around the block on issues when all I need do is walk across the street. And that, I have an obsession with punctuation. Ugh!

      It would have been delightful having you in class.
      Please rest assured, I am not a troll.

      A well known and somewhat respected citizen that chooses to protect his family and interests from people such as yourself, would be wise to cloth himself; however oddly; rather than walk the talk; naked, eh?

      Sorry, should you find my writing style a tad bellicose for your liking.
      That’s fine. (Sigh.)

      Tomorrow is Mozart’s birthday and you should delight in it!
      Listen here:

      I thank you and respect your contribution to the conversation.
      Please read the Daily Mail article. You might find it helpful.

      Have a great day!



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