5 thoughts on “Mayor Yepsen Appoints Replacement For Tom Lewis On Planning Board”

  1. Hope the new board member will get the planning board to oppose more hotels. Happy Holidays to you and Jane. Margie Van Meter



  2. And…has anyone bothered to notice the shenanigans going on down the old carriageway known as Murphy Lane (the old service alley for Lincoln Avenue back in the day)? The planning board allowed a fantastic new (scantly built) air-b-n-b to go up right under the city’s noses. And then approved another one at 138 Lincoln Avenue. Imagine 5 bedrooms and 6 baths? That’s rich. Oh, and how’s the esteemed Saratoga Springs Local 343 (aka ‘the Fire Dept’) going to navigate Murphy Lane, heaven forbid there is a call for service? They won’t. Imagine them barreling on through 131 Lincoln Avenue and they have every right to do so, so we’re told. Well, that’s exactly what happened last Thanksgiving. supposedly, a call came in regarding a faulty smoke detector (that the Thad Rennovations & Trash Company tossed in the dumpster) at 17 Murphy Lane (the old 137-1/2 Lincoln). The fire boys ran on through the property at 137 Lincoln. No Fire apparatus can navigate Murphy Lane. Smart, eh? That’s why we have a planning board. No, wait. I’m so confused. We were also told that Murphy Lane is single family UR-2 zoned. Really? And there are two electric meters on 17 Murphy. How many baths were approved? Will somebody please explain what is going on with this planning board? Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?


  3. How about someone appointed to the zoning board that actually gets what we need to do re: affordable housing for our workforce and seniors? The LAST thing we need is to make the situation we have now even worse!!!


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