Saratoga Springs: Best Small City In New York?

Saratoga Springs is the best small city to live in New York, according to a study from financial advice site WalletHub.

The study, which examined cities with populations between 25,000 to 100,000, ranked Saratoga No. 11 out of 1,268 cities nationally. The ranking was calculated by looking at the affordability, economic health, education and health, safety and quality of life in each city.


4 thoughts on “Saratoga Springs: Best Small City In New York?”

  1. Gosh! I LOVE this town!!
    Hey — those of us that had mortgages at 12-15% back in the 80’s get it.
    The rest of you guys….well….get a towel.
    (Except Ramona, Romana, what the hey — another angry you-know-what; lol).


  2. All the more reason to grant the Mayor HER wish…Change this form of Gov’t to one were SHE can rule with a 6 figure salary and have a bigger city council which she can hand pick…..PRESTO….UTOPIA!


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