11 thoughts on “Code Blue Forum”

  1. Wow! A community forum!

    If the city could not make it work with the Salvation Army, what makes anyone think it will work anywhere where there might be a smidgen of conditional norms?
    IE: Rules & regulations?

    Was the SA’s rejection of Code Blue, the first time the SA, (a bona fide Christian church, mind you) denied such services?

    Imagine the city siting the SA for discrimination regarding for not accepting, unconditionally, any and all derelicts.
    Some find it hard to accept that the SA could effectively deny service to openly fraternizing hetero and homosexuals, dancing transexuals, perverts, drunkards, whirling dervish and drug users; et alia.

    But, alas, it was overheard that it my just be a matter of liability and risk.
    Say what? Well, says one counselor over coffee in a not too private encounter at a local bistro:
    “It may not be in the best interest of the sponsor organization to expose itself openly without regard to protecting its own assets thereof, eh?”

    Ah-ha. Hmmm.

    Some can hear it from the pulpit on high; now:
    “Thy pitiful sinner before the Father G-d’s eyes, can be saved only through the salvation of our Lord, Jesus Christ, and in accepting the son of G-d as Lord and Savior, he shall allow thy spirit to come down upon thy wretched vessel and cure thee of all that ales thy soul…Except: Thee best stop drinking and debasing the morality of accepted civilized society and be straight and sober or understand and accept that wanton needs shall and will not be provided as anticipated. Amen.”

    The city seems to like the word UNCONDITIONAL.
    Many, are taught to accept at an early age, that love is unconditional.
    But, it might be hard for some in decision making capacity, to understand that MONEY is CONDITIONAL.

    Oh, wait…we have those little metal, cheerfully painted therapy boxes, for the guilt of the citizenry, to fund the warmth of the souls of the compromised lot, seeking shelter from the storm. Yeah, okay.

    A sensation of giddiness is presenting itself to the commentator, as novel as it seems.


  2. Justin, not calling you out but I am at a loss to understand what the hell you are talking about.

    Many people, including myself, worked very hard to develop a forum that is inclusive- where there are no ranks – andno ‘dignataries’ are given special treatment. Just people- voters, citizens – an open exchange of ideas.

    I invite you to participate. Renounce the low hanging fruit of snark for once, renounce the guilt-free sniping from 3 point range and actually do something. Say something that adds to tomorrow’s discussion, or just come and listen to your neighbors.

    Even you might be motivated to renounce your semi-anonymous comments and stop being (IMHO) a combination of cutesy (not a good look for you) and gutless. People who can, and care about doing something to make a difference will attend tomorrow.

    I usually enjoy your comments- this time you have lost me completely.
    Arthur Gonick


    1. Arthur your above comment is disingenuous. There never was nor is there a public forum on this issue. This is a done deal. Code Bule is located at the soul Saving Station on Caroline St no matter the comments at the “public forum”. Your invitation to Justin to participate should have been long ago not after the deal is done.


  3. Aside from commentators taking shots at each other, let’s all hope and pray for a mild winter.
    There are many homeless people out there. They DO need OUR help, our prayers, our donations, and our tolerance.
    This is going to be a controversial issue, and it doesn’t matter where Code Blue finds a new location. It will still be an issue.


  4. Hey Arthur,

    Sorry for not being inclined to speak in the vernacular of the peasantry.
    I can translate for you, if you like.
    It’s like this buddy:

    The system failed.
    It worked before but failed under the new democratic administration.
    You people failed.

    Once again, an honorable religious organization (as the other) stepped up to the plate but you don’t dig that, do you? What do you kind have against Christian philanthropy?
    Sounds like you can’t quite wrap your head around it.

    Your turn to retort.
    Don’t worry, I’m not holding my breath.
    Hey — Cleveland’s doing great!!
    Go Indians!!

    Baruch HaShem, buddy.
    Google it.
    Baruch HaShem Adoni.

    Pax vobiscum,



  5. A pending coffee is instead of giving money to the houseless you order and pay for two coffees with one marked as pending. A houseless individual can then ask if there are any pending coffees.
    How about Code Blue develops a list of pending homes? Saratoga has all of these homes and condos that are for rent during the track season, including carriage houses in back, as well as a plethora of hotel rooms that are all empty during the winter. There would be a list of pending home for the houseless to shelter in each night. A pending list could be posted on city hall steps or on the web. Stop by or use the web in the library and sign up and get your house for the night just like Air B&B.


    1. That was very nice of you to offer them up for free. Perhaps, the best way to approach that idea would be to conference with the condo/hotel/home owners and offer them the idea. You might be surprised how many may just offer up a room.


      1. I am not involved with code blue or the city government, this is just my idea for a distributed solution. It is up to the city officials and code blue representatives to address this and make it work.


  6. Hi Paula,

    The entire ‘homeless’ or should I use Carlin’s word: HOUSE-LESS issue is an outright abomination upon our society. We should be ashamed of ourselves for making excuses and milling around thinking of way, that we, the people can care for this wretched lot. There are equitable sources in our fair city that can exterminate this problem from the very consciousness of the caring amongst us but no.

    Face the fact that we, yes we, my dear are a selfish, narcissistic, cowardly lot and any Messianic Jew; et alia; will tell you: “The end is nye; judgement day shall come upon us soon that you think.”

    Why doesn’t the uber-rich (you know who they are); just write the check and be done with it? Watch the George Carlin link in my previous post to better understand the truth.

    The system is corrupt. The system is broken.
    The only reason why the rich don’t give a field mouse’s behind is because we are INVISIBLE to them. They do not see us. They do not see the vagrants. We and the lowly amongst us are all in the same boat.

    You see, Paula, the homeless are not invisible to us.
    We maintain a connection to the lesser strata. The privileged class mocks us.
    And, you will not run into them at Sunday services or Shabbos. Even if you do, they will nod politely, say hello with no verbal acuity and go about there way. They are not confrontational nor will they formally recognize or tackle those challenges, deemed so important to us, what’s left of the noble, middle class.

    Understand that it is all about strata and class division.
    Please watch this George Carlin video.
    It’s over simplified but he makes the point with undeniable clarity.



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