Circulation Numbers For Regional Newspapers (Saratogian = 12th)

Newspapers for region in order of paid circulation. [Daily/Weekly/Monthly]

Name – Paid Circulation – Free Papers

  1. Times Union [D]                                              44,189
  2. The Evangelist [W]                                         34,750
  3. Daily Gazette [D]                                             32,751                   801
  4. Country Folks (Palatine Bridge) [W]         28,531                   39,011
  5. The Post Star (Glens Falls) [D]                    23,792
  6. Spotlight News (Delmar) [W]                      7,734                     16,100
  7. Leader Herald (Gloversville) [D]                 6,783
  8. Albany Business Review) [W]                      6,737
  9. The Recorder (Amsterdam) [D]                  5,872                     1062
  10. Altamont Enterprise [W]                             4,373
  11. Hudson Register Star [D]                             4,044
  12. Saratogian [D]                                                  3,979
  13. The Record (Troy) [D]                                    3,808
  14. Eagle Press (Cambridge) [W]                       3,100
  15. Daily Mail (Hudon) [D]                                   2,243
  16. Columbia Paper (Ghent)  [W]                       2,202                     138
  17. Jewish World (Schenectady) 2X/Month    1,400                     4,500
  18. Chatham Courier [W]                                     1,190
  19. Windham Journal (Catskill) [W]                 1,145
  20. Chronical/Lone Oak (Glens Falls) ]W]      350                         27,650
  21. Adirondack Sports & Fitness [M]                00                         19,800
  22. Capital Region Weekly (Albany) [W]        0                              187,000
  23. Saratoga Today [W]                                        0                              10,000

2 thoughts on “Circulation Numbers For Regional Newspapers (Saratogian = 12th)”

  1. Not surprised about the Snobotogian’s nose dive.
    If they don’t get with the times and setup an interactive, comment driven vehicle, they will, undoubtedly fold.

    The Gazette is the last indy-owned big boy and the Post Star (PS) is too biased to be taken seriously; except for local news & features. Other than that, PS’s Ken Tingley and his cohort Doolittle are just that: do littles (…lap dogs for their masters at Lee).

    And by all accounts, the days of investigative journalism have ended.
    They have all failed miserably to inform the public; without bias; the goings-on both locally and most assuredly nationally.

    This blog is all that we, the good wreched lot of the city central, can enjoy and rely upon for specific information concerning our pitiful little square of the brier patch.

    Mach weiter so, Herr Kaufmann!
    The g-ds of the written word and castings of Gutenberg smile down upon you.

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  2. Today is Sunday; Shabbot (Sabbath) for some, play-day for others.

    So, it looks like The Post Star just endorsed the New World Order candidate.

    Considering past history with one particular spouse; NAFTA not withstanding, and the fact that 90% of the donations that were pledged to the lowly un-American C l i n t o n F o u n d a t i o n, were from sources outside this republic (including those whom do not share our values or our esteemed respect for women…to say the least); it is interesting of note, that the Post Star editorial board has joined the NWO — the Globalist elite.

    This is very sad. I, personally, am seriously concerned with their choice.
    On the table (aside from selecting 3-4 Supreme Court Justices), there is the little matter regarding the TPP.
    The Trans Pacific Partnership. TPP is NAFTA on steroids. And NAFTA destroyed our local manufacturing base.

    As a representative of the manufacturing sector; I am for a loss of words (yes I admit it’s a stretch for me); regarding just exactly how this is this going to play out for upstate New York jobs; et alia?

    I do acknowledge one very important thing:
    The democratic party today is not in any way shape or form the party of my father; nor is is the party of the socialist working class; the proud rank and file: union membership.

    While I do not espouse to condone or support the timbre of the present political discourse, I find myself falling back on dad’s age old axiom:
    “You vote for the person whom shares your values, and the person whom keeps the money in your pocket.”

    Sadly, I might have cognitive dissonance with the premise but the conclusion rings true.

    I pity our children, grandchildren and the future.
    Put your seat belts on, strap the kids in tight, it’s going to be a real rough ride next year.

    This constitutional republic has morphed into a socialist democratic hybrid and individual liberty will be the casualty.

    Some have said that Common Core teaches our children that America is a democracy.
    Well, no, it is not. We are a constitutional republic.
    Everything is being redefined. Old nouns now have new definitions.
    Political Correctness will destroy the nation but I digress.

    There are no protections for individual choice (liberty) in a true democracy.
    If 51 out of 100 people vote to march over the edge of the cliff, we all go in a true democracy.

    In a constitutional republic, even if 99 out of 100 people vote to meet that end, the last of the sane amongst us, still has a choice. It’s called the second amendment.

    The republic is at stake. Think Rome.
    If the Supreme Court is not balanced and slants left, kiss the Bill of Rights goodbye.
    Remember: “If you like your doctor, you can keep you doctor.”

    And that, dear citizens, will be on next year’s agenda; guaranteed.
    Sounds like Germany; 1936.

    But hey! It can’t happen here!

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