Saratogian On Commissioner Scirocco’s Decision Not To Meet With Charter Commission

Commissioner says he skipped charter review to avoid political games


Former Commissioner of Public Works Tom McTygue testifies before the charter review commission on Tuesday. Travis Clark –

By Travis Clark,,, @TravClark2 on Twitter

Posted: 09/28/16, 5:22 PM EDT | Updated: 2 days ago

SARATOGA SPRINGS >> The charter review commission has been conducting their review of the city charter for the past month, interviewing past and current elected officials. However, on Tuesday night the commission interviewed only a former Commissioner of Public Works, Tom McTygue, as the current commissioner Anthony “Skip” Scirocco did not show.

Scirocco skipped testifying in front of the charter review commission because of what he perceived as a political play. Scirocco was under the assumption that commission chairperson Bob Turner had invited former Director of Public Works, and a former political opponent to Scirocco, Bill McTygue to testify at the meeting along with his brother Tom and Scirocco.

Scirocco, feeling uncomfortable at the prospect of being caught between the McTygues, as they “regularly make baseless claims against” his department, sent Turner numerous emails from September 23 to Tuesday looking for clarification on whether McTygue would be testifying at the table. Turner did not reply until a half hour before the meeting was to begin.

“I gave him every opportunity to respond back to me and he was clearly negligent,” Scirocco said. “I clearly objected to it and I think I had every right to object to it, because no other commissioner or mayor has sat there with [an unelected] political opponent.”

The initial email that Turner sent Scirocco indicated that Tom McTygue had asked if Bill could be at the meeting because “his memory is better.” Turner offered that Scirocco could bring his deputy and that he would “not allow it to become a political free for all of them criticizing you [Scirocco].” It was never clearly indicated whether McTygue would be sitting in the audience or if he would actually be testifying to the commission. To Scirocco, however, it was loud and clear.

As the only Republican on City Council, Scirocco felt that the commission was being bias for Democrats by inviting Bill McTygue to testify when he had never been an elected official. In a final email Scirocco sent to Turner on Tuesday, Scirocco said “no Democrat has been made to participate with former non-elected political opponents, and as the sole Republican I strongly object to this mistreatment. You are clearly treating me differently than everyone else.”

Turner said that this was miscommunication and that McTygue was never invited to testify.

“Our plan is to speak to every elected official in Saratoga Springs history,” he said, indicating that there was no political bias.

“We’ve had a number of political opponents in the past and what we’ve tried to do is not make it about the politics,” he continued. “It’s about the structure of government and how we can make that better. That’s far more important than the politics or the personalities.”

At Tuesday’s meeting, Bill McTygue did not testify, but was present at the meeting in the audience. Turner said that this had nothing to do with Scirocco’s email and Bill was never going to testify at the meeting.

Scirocco will be invited to testify before the charter review commission at a later date, possibly October 25, when officials who have not been interviewed will have their say.

The next meeting will be a public hearing on October 11 at the Tang Teaching Museum at Skidmore College, where the public will be able to voice their questions or comments regarding the city charter.

7 thoughts on “Saratogian On Commissioner Scirocco’s Decision Not To Meet With Charter Commission”

  1. this charter review group is nothing more than a collection of the same people who failed in their attempt to change this very successful form of gov’t in 2007 & 2012, this is a small group of democrats who can’t beat madigan and scirocco at the polls…..this has nothing to do with making this gov’t better,the majority of saratoga voters are very happy with their gov’t the way it is and that will be proven again Mr.Kane…believe it!


  2. I agree with Commissioner Scirocco. I wouldn’t want to be in any room with either McTygue myself – for ANY reason.


  3. 2Merlin: …..
    Will Kane will attempt, once again to defeat the ‘able?’
    Hillary has her Kane to defeat her Able. …..
    Trump has his six Pence and a pocket full of rye.
    Four and twenty black-lives birds baked in a pie. …..
    Interesting mind games. …..
    And, why is the Pink House still standing? …..
    Must have been built by the Soviets!


  4. John,
    You can date this column October 1, 2117 and it will still be relevant, you all w b talking about Charter Change then too.

    Skip Skips Meeting – (side note: Do I have to write every headline?) Skip didn’t need a McScuse to skip this, but it doesn’t hurt. We don’t pay him enough to waste the taxpayers’ time.

    Speaking about wasting time…. I may have more thoughts about that in 2117. Stay tuned.


  5. Using the word “testify” has many implications, none of which would apply in this story. The commissioners and mayors were “interviewed”. Period.


  6. When will they EVER put a proper frame around Hud Armstrong’s painting?
    The city has no value for it because the city never paid for it.
    So it goes…


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