3 thoughts on “Mayor Yepsen’s House Listed For Sale”

  1. Now if the charter committee can just come up with a strong mayor form of gov’t with a salary of say $160,000 per year life will good for her and let’s not forget to turn our city into wards were we can pit one end of town against the other…..don’t think it’s posssible?….she appointed 11 0f the 15 committee members….urge you all now to be informed….. it’s coming to the voters,after all it’s only been three years since we voted down the city manager form…and yes…a strong mayor form was voted down in 2007 when val keehan wanted to take us to a more sophisticated level,ms yepsen has fallen prey to this power lust dream also!


  2. Some day, remind me to tell you the story about Jo-Jo’s Centennial Committee and how they managed to get no underwriters, no sponsors and alienate all the movers & shakers on both sides of the aisle. That’s why it was a non-event. Then take a look at the Saratoga 150th campaign back in 2013 and try to wrap your head around why it was so successful.


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