Architects Who Did Study On Finance Office:Extraordinary Credentials

In a casual conversation with a friend who is an architect I mentioned the controversy over the Finance Office restoration.  He asked who the firm was that had done the study and after a little looking I found them and told him Mesick, Cohen, Wilson, Baker Architects, LLP.  He told me that they were considered the premier architects nationally on projects that involved preservation.

This is a link to their web site: link

I have selected from their website some of their projects that the readers of this blog might recognize.


  1. The Maryland State House
  2. The Tennessee State House
  3. Vermont State House
  4. New York state Capitol
  5. S. Federal Court (Washington D.C.)
  6. Rochester City Hall


  1. Monticello (Jefferson’s Home)
  2. Chesterwood Studio (Stockbridge)
  3. The Hyde Collection (Glens Falls)
  4. Saratoga Automobile Museum
  5. Canfield Casino
  6. Arrowhead (Pittsfield – Herman Melville’s Home)


  1. Williams College
  2. RPI
  3. Skidmore
  4. College of William and Mary
  5. Union College
  6. University Of Virginia


  1. Fort Orange Club
  2. Daughters of Sarah
  3. Proctors Theater
  4. Stuyvesant Plaza

The following is a list of  their awards:


New York State Preservation League Award for Excellence in Preservation

Interior Renovation and Restoration project.  Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Albany, NY.


The Thomas Jefferson Chapter of Preservation Virginia/APVA 2010 Preservation Project of the Year Award

This award was presented to the University of Virginia Office of the Architect and Facilities Management for the restoration of Pavilion X, one of Thomas Jefferson’s pavilions in the Academical Village. The Awards Committee was particularly impressed with the depth of research, the rigor of analysis and the strength of commitment to thinking in fresh ways about historic preservation in the Academical Village. Charlottesville, VA.



The Florida Trust for Historic Preservation’s Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Restoration.

This award was given to Florida Southern College for the complete restoration of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Waterdome.


The New York State Historic Preservation Award

This Not-for-Profit Achievement Award was presented to the Hudson Mohawk Industrial Gateway for the restoration of the Burden Iron Works building in Troy, NY.



New York State Preservation League Award for Excellence in Preservation and the Historic Albany Foundation Preservation Initiative Certificate.

These awards were given for the Improvements to the Great Western Staircase project at the New York State Capitol. The project involved cleaning over one hundred years worth of dirt, grime, and soot from the massive sandstone staircase. The project also involved the cleaning and restoration of all the historic light fixtures within the stair.



The New York State Historic Preservation Award.

This Not-for-Profit Achievement Award was presented to the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Albany, NY for an outstanding restoration of one of Albany’s most prominent landmarks.



The Maryland Historical Trust Preservation Project Award for Hancock’s Resolution.

This award was given for the complete restoration of Hancock’s Resolution, 2001. The project required dedication and skilled craftsmanship to stabilize the deteriorated structural systems and other components and restore the original detailing of the landmark’s masonry construction.



The New York State Historic Preservation Award for Chatham Union Station, 1999.

This award was given for the rehabilitation of Chatham Union Station, Chatham NY. This project restored the 1887 station to its original appearance while adapting it to its modern purpose, that of a bank.



Build New York Award

The Pohndorff room, an addition to the Lucy Scribner Library at Skidmore College, was the recipient of this award for excellence in construction and teamwork.


Historic Albany Foundation Preservation Merit Award Recipients


Fort Orange Club- Award for restoration of the West Lounge


Albany Medical School- Medical Building Annex- Award for sensitive addition to existing historic building


Albany Law School- Moot Court Facility- Award for adaptive use


Rockefeller Institute of History and Government- Award for adaptive use/restoration of a Washington Park townhouse



Massachusetts Historical Commission Project Award

The Eagle Office and Technology Park received this award for its adaptive use of a 19th century industrial space into a modern office and production space for the Berkshire Eagle newspaper.




One thought on “Architects Who Did Study On Finance Office:Extraordinary Credentials”

  1. This is from the April 19, 2016 Council meeting.

    The Commissioner of Finance is the project manager listed in the original contract See item 8. The Commissioner of Public Works is by the Charter the one that is supposed to be in charge of City building. Original Contract

    The original contract was for $4900. Then the Commissioner of Finance added $12,100 to the contract to total $17,000, but without bidding the job out as required by purchasing policy.
    This was suggested by the vendor in second paragraph of exhibit B lets avoid the competitive bidding and just do this through a change order.


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