Moore Hall About To Come Down


Moore Hall Cake– Front with dining hall

Sonny Bonacio contacted me a few days ago. He indicated that the asbestos abatement is done and this week they expect to start to demolish the main building.  You can see by the attached photos that they have already removed the trees that were located on the Union Avenue side of the site and are well advanced in demolition and removing the one story dining hall that extended toward Union Avenue.

There was a neighborhood block party on Sunday and one of the more creative neighbors baked a Moore Hall cake. As a good omen the cake was completely dismantled (eaten) and there was no need to remove anything but the platter.

Moore Hall Cake–back

5 thoughts on “Moore Hall About To Come Down”

  1. Yes, Dave. More condos. It’s as if the whole city is prepping for a mass exodus of the privileged class off the Guyland. Ha-ha-ha.


    1. For as many shots as Sonny takes, he DID try to create affordable housing there. I admit I blasted him for it too, but after I talked with him, I understood why the rents weren’t as low as everyone had hoped. It was a MASSIVE renovation project. But when people CHEERED more condos, which until that point they were against? Nope. But I’ll be the one cheering when they get their new tax assessment though.


  2. To those residents who can remember when “The Pink Palace” was built…..can you imagine Skidmore College approaching the city boards, and saying, “what we are proposing is a mammoth pink building”? It makes me wonder what the reaction was at that time, maybe 1955 or 1956, when the campus was located primarily on Union Ave. Things have changed a lot in the past 60 years.
    Stories are still circulating about young men with binoculars, hoping for a glimpse, as silhouettes of young women were passing by those windows.
    That’s what I heard.


    1. Local lore is that Moore Hall was never supposed to be pink, but that the contractor got a “good deal” on some pink fascia and pocketed the difference.


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