Strange Effort To Redact Part Of Video Of Council Meeting

In another bizarre twist to City Council business, the video of the August 2nd meeting was delayed from being posted on the city website due to a request by the Risk Management Office in the Accounts Department.  The Accounts Department was seeking to have part of the video redacted.  Apparently, they wanted a comment by Commissioner John Franck removed.   I emailed John Franck asking him to indicate whether this was true but he did not respond. 

All of this is hard to flesh out because it is hidden behind a curtain of secrecy.  Apparently John Franck disclosed something that was supposed to be privileged.  

The initial plan was to display some kind of legal statement during the video advising the public that a section of the meeting had been removed.

Subsequently, it was decided to scrap the effort and publish the entire video.

One can imagine the Kafka like discussions that must have occurred.  After all, the meeting was heavily attended.  There were plenty of people who could have been deposed by attorneys to establish whatever it was that John Franck said.  In fact, redacting it would only have drawn more attention about whatever it was that he said.


4 thoughts on “Strange Effort To Redact Part Of Video Of Council Meeting”

  1. Commissioner Madigan was the commissioner that made the disclosure not Frank. The director of finance made an accusation aginst director of risk and safety Marylin Rivers who works for accounts, about creating a hostile workplace environment to the director of human resources and the city attorney. This is a confidential internal human resources matter that Madigan disclosed.


    1. this is categorically incorrect, Ms. Johnson, despite your unbridled distate for Commissioner Madigan. You realy owe it to yourself to acquaint yourself with facts before posting nonsense.

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  2. Paula Johnson, everything you state above is incorrect. There is no accusation against Marilyn Rivers creating any sort of hostile work environment. That is simply false.


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