More Confusion At The Blog!

Apparently the technology did not allow the email subscribers to receive the videos. If you want to see the videos related to the story “Mayor Yepsen: I did not write that letter” you will have to go directly to the web site.  Here is the link:

I had to delete the original post so comments made to that post are no longer there and if you linked to the original post, you will have to link again.


3 thoughts on “More Confusion At The Blog!”

  1. So all of these comments got deleted. Your covering for the Mayor is beginning to show.

    John Kaufmann on Mayor Yepsen: I Didn’t W…
    Chris Mathiesen on Mayor Yepsen: I Didn’t W…
    dmorris12014 on Mayor Yepsen: I Didn’t W…
    dmorris12014 on Mayor Yepsen: I Didn’t W…
    Joseph Levy on Mayor Yepsen Bills City $12,34…


  2. My comment is still there.

    In defense of John, this blog is read or delivered in different formats, not all of which are compatible with each other in respect to multi-media content. Sometimes this doesn’t become apparent until after publication. If anything, John’s been generally critical of the Mayor, not the opposite. If it weren’t for this blog, how much exposure do you think these ethical questions would have received?

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