Mayor Yepsen Bills City $12,340.00 For Legal Fees

In a split vote, the city council voted 3 to 2 to pay the law firm Howard Beach for representing Mayor Yepsen regarding her ethics violation.  Sources tell me that she declined to meet with the Ethics Board and instead, the law firm submitted a memorandum to the board on her behalf.

The bill was for $12,340.00.  At a rate of $230.00 per hour it computes to fifty-five hours.

Commissioners Madigan and Scirocco voted against the authorization.  Mayor Yepsen, Commissioners Franck and Mathiesen voted for.

More details to follow.

7 thoughts on “Mayor Yepsen Bills City $12,340.00 For Legal Fees”

  1. It would be interesting to see how much this and previous administrations cost the city in terms of legal fees for problems they have caused. Any idea?


      1. How about separating it by how much $$ the McTygue’s have cost the city with unfounded witch hunts so ‘we the people’ can bill them directly for it? That’s the source of it all anyway, isn’t?



  2. So let me get this straight. The Mayor cast the deciding vote on the Council decision to pay her legal fees. Can someone explain why she shouldn’t have recused herself from this vote. And actually why did she vote on the Council resolution to censure her? Talk about conflicts of interest!!!

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  3. It’s startling to see that it costs over $12K to defend oneself against what is (apparently) not even a prosecutable offense, just a lapse of judgment, albeit a serious one. In the Mayor’s case, that’s almost a year’s salary, so it’s no wonder she applied for reimbursement.

    The savvy politician, sensing a potentially damaging situation, would have admitted to the lapse of judgment, taken whatever medicine was to be dispensed, and moved on quickly. Instead, this has dragged out to the point of making city hall a hostile work environment.

    Speaking of reimbursement, let’s not forget the case of “Felonious Joe” Bruno, who was reimbursed by the state for $2,420,000 in legal fees after his conviction for influence peddling was overturned on a technicality (the law was deemed too vague). We paid for that one, too.


  4. Because the 3 commissioners, mostly Madigan, attacked the mayor on this nothing issue, she felt the need to hire an attorney. Some are saying if they hadn’t done this and merely put their disdain for her judgement on the record, the money wouldn’t have been needed to be spent. Now this opens the other side up to further politicization a of the ethics committee. And, with that, further money spent on lawyers.


    1. Wait. STOP. A ‘nothing’ issue? She was found GUILTY of violating the ethics code by a board that was even appointed by herself, and that is ‘nothing’??? SERIOUSLY?? Then she charges the city 12k for her lawyer for a NON-court case, and can’t give an itemized statement???

      Anyone want to bet she tries to use her ex-assistant as a scapegoat next?

      Man – you lost ALL credibility with just this one post alone. Unbelieveable!!!


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