3 thoughts on “Here Is A Flyer Put Out By The Nelson Extension Bridge Group”

  1. Bridge flyer offers great amount of information. But no map. I am a long time-resident and still find that area confusing. A map would help.


  2. The flyer is nice, and it is informative.
    But the only flaw in their argument, that I can see, is that those who are campaigning to keep the bridge are assuming that most people/customers come from the west. If I lived out near the ridge, (east) Lake Lonely, Saratoga Lake, etc. where there are many, many homes, it would be best to get to Rowley Road and Nelson Ave Extension by way of Kaydeross Ave. East.
    I understand their argument and wish them well, but maybe some sort of traffic count should be done first. One that counts the existing Kaydeross Ave. East traffic, and possible future traffic.
    And, by the way, if it costs $5 million to fix the bridge, what is it going to cost to DEMOLISH the bridge? Hmmmm.


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