Reliable Sources: Mayor Fires Her Executive Assistant

From two reliable sources, Mayor Joanne Yepsen has fired her long time Executive Assistant, Gayle LaSalle.  Rather shocking because Gayle LaSalle always appeared very loyal to Ms. Yepsen.


18 thoughts on “Reliable Sources: Mayor Fires Her Executive Assistant”

    1. I guess when your boss haves you send emails through the city hall servers from work you need to cover your @$$ somehow….

      While I am not a fan of the mayors, I am a fan of Gayle’s. She IS a class act, and a wonderful, caring person. I wish her nothing but the best.

      As for Mayor McTy… err…. Yepspin? Well, if you can’t say anything nice…..

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    2. Gayle LaSalle is a wonderful person, who was indeed loyal to the Mayor. I know because Gayle has now told me that the Mayor told her not to socialize with me or even like my posts on Facebook. So Gayle stopped being seen with me, and stopped liking my posts on Facebook because of her loyalty in a person who would hold her job over her head if she was seen with the wrong person. This was hard for Gayle, who needed this job, was good at this job, and liked being nice to all people at city hall! To infer that Gayle was fired because she was disloyal is sickening, but why am I not surprised.

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      1. If she is in such a bad position and you are so enamored with her it should be no problem to find her a position in your department.


  1. Very interesting indeed,first yepsen is loyal to NOone! She thinks a change is coming……15 people make up the NEW charter Committee Yepsen chose 11 of them…there mission? change this form of gov’t…to what you ask??….to a strong Mayor form with a weak Council…..any bets?

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    1. Yepspin is THE sole reason why I have changed my mind on charter change. We can still make changes, but to give one council member more power than the others is just not going to fly with me. I DO think a city manager is a good idea, but when it comes to votes – and this includes all appointments – it should be a consensus of the council that makes them.

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  2. If the change happens (which it won’t because pat kane who is 0for 3 is stirring them all down to defeat)…Last vote which was three years ago and was the city manager form was defeated by over 1,500 votes…….NEWS FLASH TO MAYOR AND KANE,the residents don’t want a change,update charter all that needs to be done here


  3. Remember that Mayor Yepsen was MsLaSalle’s boss.
    If the Mayor asked her to do something, and she didn’t do it, then……..


  4. I’m actually looking fwd to Gail Gayle LaSalle’s book about the whole debacle… She’s a great writer (I hired her before she joined the Titanic). I would offer to be her editor for free! See u at the book signing party!

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