Zoning Board of Appeals Approves Downton Walk

I am writing this without my editor who is cruising the Seine at the moment. This is like walking a grammar/spelling tight rope without a net.  I will write something longer on these events that will benefit from her tact and knowledge of the spelling arts.

The Zoning Board of Appeals reached its decision on Downton Walk this evening. It split the way it usually does.  James Helicke and Susan Steer spoke in opposition to the project.  Both of them deserve a great deal of credit for the clarity and substance of their comments.  In contrast, Adam McNeil was Downton Walk’s champion and received the support of the other four ZBA members.

If my editor were here she would probably stop me from noting the following: While Mayor Yepsen appointed both Helicke and Steer she also reappointed William Moore for seven more years to head this powerful board.   Why she would reappoint Moore as chair is hard to understand but it leaves unclear what the future of this board will be under her administration.

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