Has Mayor Yepsen Been Delaying Inquiry With Help Of Ethics Board?

A reliable source informed me that Mayor Yepsen has been postponing meeting with the Ethics Board for months.

As I have noted in previous emails, the Ethics Board operates with an impenetrability that would make the CIA blush.  I went back through the available public records of this board and there was literally no record in any of the minutes or the agendas of the Ethics Board that referenced Mayor Yepsen’s name let alone that there was an inquiry pending regarding her dealings with Saratoga Hospital.  I know that an inquiry regarding this matter was lodged by Michele Madigan and Skip Scirocco because Ms. Madigan confirmed it.

With no other choice, I emailed the mayor on June 30th asking if she could confirm that she had postponed meeting with the Ethics Board and why it was necessary to make these postponements.  When I did not get a response, I followed up a week later with similar results.


From:    John Kaufmann []

Sent:     Tuesday, July 05, 2016 9:17 AM

To:          ‘Joanne Yepsen’

Cc:          ‘Christian Mathiesen’; ‘Michele Madigan’; ‘John Franck’; ‘Skip Sciroco’;

‘Vincent DeLeonardis’; ‘jerry luhn’; ‘jerry luhn’

Subject:               FW: Ethics Board


I thought I would follow up one more time, could you respond to my June 30 questions?


From: John Kaufmann [mailto:john.kaufmann21@gmail.com]

Sent: Thursday, June 30, 2016 10:09 PM

To: ‘Joanne Yepsen’

Cc: ‘Michele Madigan’; ‘Skip Sciroco’; ‘John Franck’; ‘Christian Mathiesen’; ‘Vincent DeLeonardis’; ‘Tony


Subject: Ethics Board



I understand that you have postponed meeting with the Ethics Board a number of times during the

last three months.  Can you confirm this and if so, can you indicate why you have postponed?

Thank you


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