Some Welcome Clarification On Walkway

I have been copying the city council on my emails to Mayor Yepsen regarding the walkway beside Putnam Market.  As of this date after two emails I have not heard from Mayor Yepsen.    I  did, however, receive an email from Commissioner Mathiesen.  He indicated that the walkway will not be fixed until the fall.  I followed up with a telephone conversation.  He explained that because the walkway is heated, the fix will involve blocking off the entire walkway.  In light of its role as an easy pedestrian access to parking from Broadway, it makes sense to do it after the racing season.

I raised with him the issue of what can be done to compel the owner to keep the area clean.  Commissioner Mathiesen assumed that this would have been stipulated in the site plan agreed to when the easement was granted.  He is going to have his code enforcement officer look into the matter.  I will keep the readers of this blog informed.


4 thoughts on “Some Welcome Clarification On Walkway”

  1. Not sure, but when J. Tom Roohan got permission to build in that location, which was a wider walkway not that many years ago, there was an agreement — as part of the purchase — to maintain the walkway. It seems that J. Tom Roohan is not fulfilling his part of the bargain.


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