The Planning Department: A Little Courtesy Would Be Welcomed

Some land use board members and perhaps others have wondered why members of the public get upset trying to resolve land use issues in this city. I offer the following as instructive of what it can be like to deal with the City’s Planning Department and in particular with City Planner Susan Bardon.

On March 8th of last year I emailed Ms. Bardon raising an issue regarding a member of the Zoning Board of Appeals.  I requested that when she forwarded my question to this person that she copy me.

On March 10th when I had not heard from her, I emailed her again asking the status of my request.

Later that day I received the following from her:


Your question has been communicated to Mr. Kaplan.

Thank you,


 According to Mr. Kaplan, Ms. Bardon never forwarded my email to him.

On April 14th of last year, I emailed Lindsey Gonzalez in the Planning Department asking why a ZBA workshop had not been videotaped.   Ms. Gonzalez did not receive my email due to a mistake in the email address.  On April 20th Ms. Gonzalez, having received my email, forwarded my request to Ms. Bardon.

On April 30th, having heard nothing from Ms. Bardon, I followed up making the request to her again.

This is a follow-up to my inquiry regarding why the workshop on April 11 for the ZBA was not included in the video on the city’s web site.  As the email below documents, you received this inquiry on April 20.

I look forward to your response.

On May 2nd I received her response:

Hi John and thank you for the reminder.

We start the webcast when a quorum is present and the board starts conducting business.

Also, there are times when board members meet to discuss legal strategy with one or more attorneys representing the City.  At these times there is no webcast. Susan

Most recently, on June 3rd of this year, in light of the Kaplan incident I sent Ms. Bardon the following email:

Would you please see that the members of the ZBA receive copies of this email and copy me.  If you do not plan to do so, would you please advise me clearly on this.  As you may recall, Mr. Kaplan claimed that he never received the last email I asked you to forward.


On June 28 at 11:36, having heard nothing from Ms. Bardon,I sent this follow-up:

I am resending an email I sent to you last week.  Please confirm that you have received this.

That same day, I received the following email from Ms. Bardon at 1:21:

I have received your email and it has been forwarded to the board.

5 thoughts on “The Planning Department: A Little Courtesy Would Be Welcomed”

  1. I bet Sonny Bonacio doesn’t have to go through this to get an email reply. How unprofessional and arrogant!


  2. Susan Bardon is a political pawn of the Mayor’s office. If you have money and connections you are all set. If you do not the planning department, zoning board of adjustment and the building inspector will drive your project into the ground.


  3. She also had problems in Wilton, before being hired in our City Hall. Wise choice?
    Her predecessor also had ego issues.
    These are facts.


    1. Susan Bardon never worked in Wilton. You are thinking of Kate Maynard the cities planner. Great question though wise choice? Any Answers?

      Liked by 1 person

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