Update on Charter Review Commission

According to the  Times Union the Mayor’s Charter Review  Commission  met last Tuesday, took their oaths of office, and set a regular meeting schedule.  Apparently the Mayor has added two more members to the Commission  for a total of 14.  The newest appointments  are:

Minita Sanghvi:   Ms. Sanghvi is an assistant professor of marketing management and business at Skidmore College with a specialty in “Political Marketing.”

Ann Bullock: Ms. Bullock is a local attorney.  She was appointed by Mayor Yepsen to the Saratoga Springs Housing Authority,

The Commission decided at this meeting to meet regularly at 7PM every second and fourth Tuesday of the month in the City Hall Chambers. Their next meeting will be June 28th.

Although a time and place for future meetings has now been publicly announced I did not recall seeing any notice of this first meeting of the Commission.  I emailed the Mayor and inquired as to when notice of this meeting was given.

The Mayor replied indicating that she had “referred to the meeting” at the last City Council meeting. Unfortunately a review of the video and minutes of that Council meeting indicate that there was no announcement of when and where this first organizing meeting  of the Charter Commission would occur.   Even if the Mayor had indeed made such an announcement, it would not have fulfilled the requirements of the Open Meeting law. While the Commission has thus gotten off to a bit of a rocky start the Mayor has indicated that the live stream and minutes of this meeting will be on the city’s website and all meetings of the Commission will be open to the public and live streamed [Note: As of this morning, Saturday June 18 this archive was not on the city’s web site].

An update on the Charter Review Commission is on the Mayor’s agenda for Tuesday night’s City Council meeting.

3 thoughts on “Update on Charter Review Commission”

    1. Paula,this travesty that they call charter review is about achieving one thing!…….change this form of gov’t to a STRONG MAYOR FORM,out of the 14 people on this committee the MAYOR YEPSEN has chosen 10 of them,hardly democratic and a far cry from what this city has voted for in the last 15yrs,,this Mayor will follow in the footsteps of Val Keeehan,I wish Michele would primary her!


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