Joe Ogden, Deputy Mayor, Resigns To Take Position At The State University Of New York

I have learned that Joe Ogden, the Deputy Mayor has resigned.  This is a real loss for the city.  My interactions with Mr. Ogden were consistently good.  Although he was aware of my critical posts about Mayor Yepsen, he was always cordial and solicitous.  In the two circumstances where we discussed substantive matters I found him well informed, focused, and constructive.

Too often, the public is dismissive of the people they employ in their government.  With a wide brush they characterize the people who work in government as inept and lazy.  While there is an unfortunate corps of such people, there are others, such as Mr. Ogden who take their work very seriously.  Mr. Ogden worked many, many hours in his capacity as Deputy and had to endure the marathon meetings of our City Council late into the night.

I have been advised by Mr. Ogden that he will be assuming the position of budget director of the State University of New York. It sounds like a great job and he told me he was very excited about the new position.

I asked Mr. Ogden if he wanted to share any thoughts with the community regarding his experience as the mayor’s deputy. Here is his statement:

“Being deputy mayor of our city has been nothing short of a dream job for me.  Many thanks to Mayor Yepsen for this fantastic opportunity; it has been a privilege to work alongside her on our many accomplishments in City Hall. A heartfelt thank you to all of my fellow citizens who have shown not just me, but my family as well, tremendous warmth and kindness over the years. And a very, very sincere thank you to all of my fellow city employees for showing me an extraordinary level of patience, respect, and cooperation during the last two and half years.   At a time when government service is too often looked down upon or relegated to something that is dirty or undesirable, our citizens should take heart that this city has excellent people who are passionate about their community, give 100%, and do great work each and every day – often at the expense of pursuing more lucrative opportunities in the private sector.  It has been my great privilege to work in their ranks, and I am forever grateful.”

4 thoughts on “Joe Ogden, Deputy Mayor, Resigns To Take Position At The State University Of New York”

  1. John, I have been out of the loop lately, what is the latest word on Moore Hall’s progress? Thanks, Lorraine Wright

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    1. Sonny Bonacio has received his variances from ZBA. The project still appears to be the best we can expect. It looks great in the drawings. It goes to the Planning Board for site plan review.


  2. And Murphy Lane? I see the house on Clark St is for sale, the one in front of the “rehab” of the barn. Is that the house that owned the barn?


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