The Sad State of The Saratoga Springs Democratic Party

There was a time when the Saratoga Springs  Democratic Party was a strong voice on issues like growth and integrity in government.  It was not a matter of the kind of vague generalities that have become the pablum of contemporary spin that now passes for political discourse.  The party took positions on contentious issues.

There have been a slew of important conflicts here in the city over issues of development and  threats to neighborhoods where one would have traditionally expected the Democratic Party to offer support for the underdogs.  No more. 

Today, I received a copy of Saratoga Springs Democratic Committee’s newsletter in which they announce that they will be having their annual fund raiser, the Starbuck Legacy Luncheon, at Saratoga National Golf Course.  This is the same operation that has been attempting to open up the city’s greenbelt for intensive development.  This is the same operation that appears to have violated their agreement with the city that included two nature trails and a limit on special events.  Most recently, a suit has been filed against one of SNGC’s principles over the skimming of the wait staff’s tips and the failure to pay overtime.  Based on news accounts, this included the Prime Restaurant where the Starbuck Luncheon will be held.

A sad commentary on what politics in our country has become.


11 thoughts on “The Sad State of The Saratoga Springs Democratic Party”

  1. John, I would like to hear more about what we can do to offer affordable housing in our city. You were our expert on that issue.

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  2. Michele and kevin Madigan run the Democratic Party, and that would be fine if they were true democrats. However Michele is nothing but a DINO. She makes deals with skip and the republicans to not endorse anyone to run against her and in exchange she promises to hand deliver the cc garage. She makes deals with the Saratoga PAC and in return she works with the hospital to create urban sprawl in a neighborhood that, btw, is made op of affordable housing…Tod Kerner and Charlie Brown are both terrified of her and so that simply acquiesce to her will. The fact that her husband is on the dem committee ensures the wolf watching the henhouse mentality….it is a sad sad sad state of affairs. The only up side is that the city GOP is in just as bad of shape.


    1. Madigan has big plans but what goes up comes down,she’s hording alot of taxpayers monies to do dpw projects that will only benefit the developers.


      1. The reason for the DPW projects is because so much had been neglected by the previous DPW ‘stewardship’. I give them both HIGH props for finally getting neglected projects done!


  3. Fact little d….mctygue has laid more water lines in the city of Saratoga Springs in ONE year than boy Scirrocco has done in 8 years and it was done by city employees….sorry little d always the minor league….if 8 years have gone by and it’s neglected little d,it’s been neglected by guess who madigan?


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