A Request Of The Readers of This Blog

The neighbors of 39 Murphy Lane have asked for a meeting with Mayor Yepsen and the city attorney to discuss the status of what was supposed to be a rehab of an old barn.   As noted in an earlier post, the owner, Jean D’Agostino, has challenged the city, claiming that she does not need the variance that precipitated the original stop work order in early January.  Her attorney has asserted her right to build is high as the zoning allows which would be potentially sixty feet.

There are a number of things that need to be clarified.  First and foremost would be how the attorneys for the city view her attorney’s claim.  I also expect the neighbors to seek clarity about the legal implications of the owner’s application in which she said that they planned to rehab the old barn and in which she explicitly stated that tearing the barn down would be a detriment to the neighborhood.  There is also the question regarding the legal implications of the fact that the rehabbed barn was to be built on a slab and that instead the owner excavated beneath the structure and laid a full, raised basement.

While many of the people who read this blog do not live in close proximity to this project, in a sense we are all neighbors of the people who do.  The legal implications of this project go far beyond this one neighborhood.  It is very possible that the readers of this blog may find themselves facing similar circumstances in the future.

With this in mind, I am asking the readers of this blog to take the time to write, call, or email Mayor Yepsen and to urge her to organize a meeting with her staff and the neighbors so that the people being impacted can better understand their rights.  It would also be helpful if people used their networks to get others to write.  The letter does not have to be complicated.  It can simply say something like: 

Dear Mayor Yepsen:

I urge you to meet with the neighbors of 39 Murphy Lane to explore the legal implications of what had been a proposed rehab of a barn at that address.  The resolution of the conflict surrounding this project will have implications throughout our city.

Thank you

This is the email address for the mayor: joanne.yepsen@saratoga-springs.org


9 thoughts on “A Request Of The Readers of This Blog”

  1. You should ask DPW how much of the taxpayers money was spent on getting this project sewer and water down Murphy Lane.


    1. Running the sewer and water line down Murphy lane…wouldn’t that require a presentation by said applicant to the planning board?…but then again scirocco does pretty much what he wants to do,after all didnt he give a local developer a million dollar gift without telling the public and is now still under investigation by the Comptrollers Office and the AG as well……maybe e-mails to these two agencies about the gifts to murphy lane might also be in order….I’m beginning to see patterns here and who paid for the water and sewer lines to this unapproved project…or are these lines meant for another project that is going up there that just so happens to involve the same developer who got the million dollar gift from our DPW commissioner and once again the public and neighbors are in the dark!


      1. Ummm, no. And if you go down to the DPW commish’s office I’m sure he will show you more than enough paperwork to prove all of that lawsuit crap (and that’s exactly what it is – crap) wrong.


  2. I lived for many years in Chappaqua and if someone got permission to rehab and then built a different structure …..the structure would be torn down at the owners expense. Thanks for keeping us updated and we all are neighbors. Stay safe, Joey

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    1. That is how it is in most places. In Saratoga, it is who you know and are connected to. The land use boards and the zoning inspector are all used to political ends of the mayor’s office.


  3. I would be more apt to email the mayor concerning her recusal on the hospital issue and why she broke an ethics law, but hey, that’s just me….

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  4. If I were the Mayor, I would probably just kick it back to the Zoning Bd.
    I doubt if any amount of emails will change her mind, but good luck with it.


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