On Civility and This Blog

This post is to review the principles of this blog.  In order to foster thoughtful discussion on our city’s issues it is critical that the tone of this blog be civil.  No one should have to worry that they will be the subject of coarse invective for expressing their views.  I have always been scrupulous about blocking comments that are personal attacks on other commenters.  I have been more tolerant of attacks on me but even here,  if I am too tolerant and allow ugly rants against me, others might fear that they would become subjects of similar attacks.

For those of you who have posted comments, you know that you must enter an email address to register to comment.  When I receive a comment that is excessively abusive, I always take the time to email the individual and offer to publish their comment if they will make it more civil.  It is interesting that in 100% of the time, the email address that they have registered with is invalid.

So to the person or persons who is/are submitting these abusive comments, please be advised that you are wasting your time because they will not be published on this website.


4 thoughts on “On Civility and This Blog”

  1. Except for me. You have my real email and identity (or two accounts actually). I hide from no one (I can’t stand people who have to hide in anonymity. Be an adult and own up to your words!). Personally speaking, after what I have seen on the Saratogian’s website I would opt for these people to show their real identity or they can’t post at all.


  2. Thank you John. I, for one, appreciate your willingness to publish differing perspectives foe rational commentary. Trolls should stay under their bridges!


  3. This blog is really catching on. Good to have it,
    it is very important for all citizens of Saratoga Springs. The newspapers are very lax (except for Dennis Yusko) about reporting ZBA, Planning Bd. and City Council meetings. It’s not easy, especially for seniors, to get to these meetings. Even with the elevator, we still need to find parking, and sit through all the boring stuff.


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