Downton Walk Neighbors Launch Petition Drive

The Jumel Place neighbors, being threatened by John Witt’s Downton Walk project, have started a petition opposing the project. The issue goes beyond this particular project as their petition makes clear.  The abuse by the Zoning Board of Appeals, as reflected in this project,  is a threat to every neighborhood.

I urge the readers of this blog to take the time to read and sign their on line petition

Link To Petition

3 thoughts on “Downton Walk Neighbors Launch Petition Drive”

  1. The only way to stop this sort of zoning abuse is to elect a mayor and city council members who are not mired in conflict of interests. The mayor makes these appointments and, as previous blog posts have shown, they are often part-and-parcel of the problem. A simple recusal from voting isn’t good enough.

    Joseph Levy
    Saratoga Green Party

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  2. I’m not sure why we even have zoning when the big builders with money can come in and push their way into our neighborhoods. I live out on Ruggles Rd where there is a 2 acre and 200 foot road frontage conservancy zoning. None of that mattered when a builder came in and forced his way with 6 houses all jammed in on Iris Dr. in the middle of a Blue Karner Butterfly area. Then all the new buyers demanded water from the city of Saratoga. When the city of Saratoga Springs put in all the water lines, all the new houses were hooked into it., My two houses didn’t need the water and we wouldn’t have been able to afford the $2000. hook up fee plus the contractor to come in and dig and put in the water lines anyway…….However, that didn’t stop the city of Saratoga Springs from sending me an annual utility bill that comes to about $120. a year because the water line is there even though I am not getting any water from it. Talk about bitter! Zoning in Saratoga Springs isn’t worth the paper it is written on. Karin Vollkommer


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