Blogger Goes Undercover In London


Blogger Makes Contact From Undisclosed Location

Per John LeCarre’s instructions I make my contact in the Downton Walk affair.  I am directed to proceed to Kensington Palace where I am to meet with the Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge, AKA William and Kate.

Kensington Palace
I arrive at Kensington Palace

Due to some confusion I arrive at Kensington only to learn that the royal couple is unavailable.

I run into the queen

As a stroke of extraordinary good luck, I run into the Queen.  She insists that we have tea.  I raise the issue of Downton Walk.  As it turns out she is quite well informed about the issue.  Prime Minister Cameron had raised the matter at his most recent audience with her.  Unfortunately, the Queen, who is very sensitive about interfering directly in political matters, asks me to consider our conversation as privileged.  I do learn that the Crawley’s do not actually exist only raising further questions as to the credibility of the players in all of this.

2 thoughts on “Blogger Goes Undercover In London”

  1. Very, very clever, my London traveling undercover friend. We can use more humor in Saratoga Springs. Thanks, John
    Laura chodos


  2. Well done, John–we all know people here who could use more humor in their lives, it does wonders–enjoy yourself–please give the Queen a royal wave from me….


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