Renderings And Fact Sheet From City Center

City Center Parking Slides 10
Overpass #1
City Center Parking Slides 12 (2)
Walk Way Looking North
Highrock North 2
Looking West
City Center Parking Slides 11 (3)
Overpass #2
Highrock North 1 Revised
Looking Northward


CITY CENTER PARKING  STRUCTURE                   12-21-‘15

                                                FACT  SHEET

What is the “parking structure”?

The City Center Authority is proposing to build a 480 space parking facility on a portion of the High Rock Parking lot-directly east of the City Center; net gain of 292 parking spots.  Balance of High Rock lot left for future development.

Who will construct and pay for the structures maintenance?

The City Center Parking structure will be paid for and maintained by the City Center. There will be no expense to the City.

Why is additional parking needed?

The success of the City Center and the vibrancy of downtown businesses have created the need for several hundred more parking spaces, year round.

Who will be able to use the parking?

The newly created parking inventory will be available to everyone (shoppers, guests and downtown employees) not just attendees at the City Center.

Will the new parking be paid parking?

Yes. The rate is 1st hour free, 2nd hour $1.00, all day (8 hr.) $5.00 and overnight rate $10.00

Is this leased property and if so what will the City receive?

The City Center parking facility will use only the northerly portion of the High Rock Lot,  leaving 93  free surface spaces.  The lease is proposed as a 25 year agreement.  The City would receive $50,000. annual lease payment, + 50% of the net revenues; after operating costs, debt service and reserves.

What will this provide besides basic parking?

Direct, covered connection to the City Center and Broadway. It includes an accommodation for the  downtown “shared path” for the Green Belt and a civic area (AGORA) which may be the  home of the Farmer’s Market and host venue for other community events.

How will this parking facility work with High Rock Park?

It will create a gate-way into the park area, adding more light, life and activity. Plus more parking.

How much will this cost the City Center?  

$10.5  million dollars

How long will it take to build?

8 to 10 months. Phasing will be used to eliminate as much disruption as possible.

7 thoughts on “Renderings And Fact Sheet From City Center”

  1. What is the square footage of the Agora space? Will the Farmer’s market be there in the summer and winter? How will the agora be heated and is there electricity? Will the farmers be able to park their vehicles there for free (market runs more than one hour)? Will agora space create a wind tunnel? Not sure I want to shop for groceries in a parking garage.

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  2. Where is the rendering looking from High Rock Park or Mouzon House west. Where is the rendering looking across from the condos across the street. Concerned about the dead space this is going to create, especially at night on High Rock.

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  3. If Johnny had access to the renderings, I am sure he would have shared them. Is it really that important? We know the parking garage is a monstrosity, so it figures to be an ugly view from the Mouzon.


    1. My point wasn’t that Johnny left out a rendering, he is the people’s advocate, it was that there is no rendering for the Mouzon House side because it looks terrible and because of all the controversy.


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