Commissioner Madigan To Report On Status Of Hospital Expansion: Proposal Still Undergoing Changes

From: Michele Madigan []
Sent: Saturday, January 30, 2016 2:19 PM
To: John Kaufmann
Subject: Saratoga Hospital PUD Amendment


Regarding the Hospital PUD Amendment:  I did indicate at the last Council Meeting that I was moving toward bringing the Hospital PUD Amendment forward to the three remaining Commissioners for a Discussion and Vote.  However, at this time, I find that we do not have accurate updated language for the PUD Amendment and until we receive accurate language from the City Attorney, City Planning Department, and the Applicant I cannot bring this forward to the Council for a Vote. My office has been working diligently to address this for the past two weeks, but there are still some inaccuracies in the legislation that require input form the City Planning Dept. so the legislation is not yet complete.

Additionally, it has come to my attention that a petition has been filed by residences in opposition of the Hospital PUD Amendment, but I have not officially received the formal petition and therefore have not had a chance to review the petition.

I plan to add a Discussion item to my agenda on Monday morning at the City Council Pre-Agenda Meeting and hope to gather more information so I may fully inform the public as to the status of the Saratoga Hospital PUD Amendment.

Thank you,

Michele Madigan
Commissioner of Finance

One thought on “Commissioner Madigan To Report On Status Of Hospital Expansion: Proposal Still Undergoing Changes”

  1. Good investigative journalism. We were on the porch last night and thought about you and the blog. This talk meandered into who makes the best julep and your name came up ,of course. When it stopped raining Big Jim and Asa sang a sad song about a contrary old mule. After a few more juleps we went to sleep.


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