More Appointments By Mayor Yepsen

In addition to the regular appointments to the land use boards, Mayor Yepsen appointed three alternates.  They will fill in when regular board members are unable to attend or participate.

Amy Durland

Mayor Yepsen appointed Amy Durland for a two year term as an alternate for the Planning Board.  Ms. Durland has served in the past as a full member of the Planning Board and chaired the Board. There are two people whose dedication to the struggle on development issues has been just extraordinary.  Amy is one of them.  She is meticulously thorough and scrupulously honest and fair.  She has logged in more hours at these meetings than any human should bear.  Should any member of the Planning Board recuse themselves or be unable to attend meetings, the community will be the better for it.

Oksana Ludd

Ms. Ludd was appointed to serve either one or two years as an alternate on the Zoning Board of Appeals.  I am unclear which is her term.

There is an exception to every rule.  I have expressed dismay at the many members of our boards who are from the real estate industry who routinely rule in favor of said industry. 

Ms. Ludd is an attorney who specializes in real estate.  This is a link to her: Link

I have been assured by people I respect that as a member of the Comprehensive Plan Committee she was a major asset regarding protecting the city’s greenbelt.  Her background made her a very effective voice for thoughtful land use practices.

Cheryl J. Grey

I know relatively little about Ms. Grey.  She is married to Kenneth Grey who has been involved in the Smart Streets initiative and who is with the Marshal and Sterling Insurance Company.  Friends tell me that they have both been involved in preservation issues.  Ms. Grey coaches LaCross.

From what I gather if she has an opportunity to fill in on the ZBA she should be a fair and constructive force.




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