Code Blue Calls For Volunteers

I received this from the Code Blue folks:


Friends, In case you can either help or can forward on to others who may be able to help.  Thanks, mb Michele Brumsey The Salvation Army 518-463-6678 Ext. 17/518-463-0138 fax 518-229-2548 cell Website TwitterFacebook

Dear Steering Committee, The Program Committee held an emergency meeting Sunday afternoon to address the issue of overnight volunteers. If you have looked at the schedules lately you would see that we are sorely lacking in overnight volunteers. The 1:30am-5am shift is especially hard to fill. We have the paid overnight staff person from 12midnight – 8:30am but we still need at least 2-3 volunteers to complete the staffing for the night shifts from 10pm-1:30am and 1:30am-5am.  The sign ups for these shifts is very minimal and so we are staffing with a few volunteers from the program committee and myself. This can’t continue for the rest of the season. We must have additional help. As members of the steering committee we need your help. Immediate needs require us to ask you to sign up for a shift or two. We need you to also promote Code Blue in your respective agencies and recruit volunteers for the overnight shifts. Code Blue Saratoga is growing and in order to continue to meet the needs of our community and guests we must have volunteers. As our steering committee we are relying on you to help solve the issues Code Blue is facing. Thank you, Cheryl Ann Cheryl Ann

Cheryl Ann Murphy-Parant

Code Blue Saratoga Director

Saratoga County Continuum of Care Coordinator

(518) 812-6886 – cell

Office Address:

Nolan House

Presbyterian-New England Congregational Church

24 Circular Street, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866


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